Your fireplace and chimney are exceptional assets for surviving the cold, long Indianapolis winters. A high-quality, professional chimney sweep is one of the best ways to keep your chimney clean, efficient, and safe. Unfortunately, some unqualified people may pose as professional chimney sweeps in order to scam you out of your money. An experienced professional will use certain tools to perform their chimney sweep. Always ask your prospective sweeper about the tools they have available. In this post, we describe the everyday tools of a chimney sweep that you should look for in a professional. 

Cleaning Brushes

Brushes are a primary chimney sweeping tool. Chimney sweeps often use a long wire brush to clean tight spaces in the chimney of deposits. They may also use stiff, flat wire-bristle brushes to scrapes off glazed creosote. Hand brushes are ideal from cleaning tight spaces in the smoke chambers and chimney caps. 


Chemical Agents

For creosote and soot that is too stubborn for a brush, professional chimney sweeps use a chemical cleaner. Chemical cleansers break down the creosote buildup, helping remove it from the flue lining walls. 



Professional chimney sweeps keep a clean workspace. They use vacuums to prevent soot from entering the home and to remove pollutants that enter the air during cleaning. 


Camera and Inspection Equipment 

The best chimney sweeps also perform and inspection. Using a camera for inspection allows them to see every crevice of your chimney and easily determine the condition of your chimney. They should also have an arsenal of other inspection equipment used to assess your chimney during the sweep. 


Indianapolis Chimney Sweep 

It is crucial for you to get your annual chimney sweep and inspection by a knowledgeable professional. Every technician at the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis is a highly-trained, licensed, certified expert who will keep your chimney in top shape. We use only the most-trusted tools and technology to safely and cleanly perform your chimney sweep and inspection. Protect your chimney, home, and family today by scheduling your yearly chimney sweep and inspection. Call us at 317-500-1250, email OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM, or visit our website to get started.