Navigating the home service industry can be tricky. Inflated costs make it difficult to be sure that you are really getting what you pay for. At Brick + Ember Outfitters, we want to demystify the process, so that our neighbors can receive the service they deserve at a fair price. The following is a step-by-step walkthrough of the high-quality work you should expect from a Brick + Ember Outfitters (and any other) chimney sweep.

Assessment and Prep

When your certified Brick + Ember Outfitters sweep first arrives, they will perform a quick visual assessment to determine how to best perform service and identify the necessary tools. Your sweep will then carefully setup drop cloths and a dual HEPA filter vacuum to protect your home.

Professional Sweep

Next, your technician will maneuver or remove the damper to allow access to the chimney. They will expertly sweep the entire flue system, removing as much creosote buildup as possible. The sweep will clean off the smoke shelf and clean out the firebox. The dual HEPA filter vacuum will be running the entire time to ensure that the air and the floor of your home remain clean during this entire process.

Thorough Inspection

Your sweep will then perform a camera inspection of the chimney. They will invite you to watch the live feed and observe the inspection as it happens. Next, the inspection will move outside as the sweep assesses the integrity of your exterior chimney structure.

In-Depth Consultation, Clean-Up and Departure

Finally, your sweep will detail and document all the findings of the cleaning and inspection. They will talk through these findings with you completely, recommend any further maintenance and answer any questions you may have in depth. Before departing, the sweeps will carefully clean up after themselves.

You will then have completed a professional and thorough chimney sweep! You will be left with peace of mind, knowing the condition of your fireplace.

At B+E, we want our neighbors to have safe and functional chimneys. We also believe that your essential chimney maintenance should not break the bank. Brick + Ember Outfitters offers these high-quality sweeps and inspections for just $89—significantly lower than the average cost. If you are not receiving this level of service, or if you are paying a much higher price to get it, call Brick + Ember Outfitters to schedule a professional, but affordable, sweep. Your chimney—and your wallet—will thank you.