Imagine a cold winter’s night, the moon glistening off a thick covering of snow. Inside, a couple shares dinner as the fireplace crackles in the background. These are the times we live for, and we at CM Outfitters want to make these moments all the more memorable.

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are messy and cumbersome to care for, which is why many are turning toward a cleaner, safer, gas burning alternative. Industry-leading CM Outfitters in Indianapolis has been adding warmth, comfort, and peace of mind to those long Indiana nights since 2011.

Home Installation

Whether you are looking to add an enchanting new centerpiece or replace an existing wood burning unit, the fireplace experts at CM Outfitters will create the perfect, eye-catching feature while working within your budget and timeframe. From beginning through installation, the experts at CM walk with you through the entire process to be sure the product you want is the product you end up with.

Annual Checkup

While gas burning fireplaces are typically cleaner and more efficient, they still require regular maintenance in order to function properly. An annual inspection, including a chimney sweep, is recommended to be sure the unit remains safe, problem free, and avoid any potential dangerous carbon monoxide leak in your home ensure you can enjoy your gas burning fireplace with peace of mind.


Chimney inspections are critically important to avoid home damage or safety issues. The Chimney Safety Institute has created three levels of safety inspections, all of which can be scheduled to assist in planning the next steps of repair or maintenance.

Repair Services

Even with regular maintenance, gas burning units can be damaged if not properly cared for. Damaged mortar, loose refractory panels, and efflorescence are just a few of the problems owners may encounter. Making an appointment for the certified experts at CM Outfitters to diagnose any and all concerns is the best way to ensure your gas fireplace remains at peak performance.

Whether you currently own a gas burning fireplace or are interested in learning more, the experts at CM Outfitters in Indianapolis are just a phone call away at 317.500.1250, or you can schedule an appointment online for any questions or concerns you may have.