Gas fireplace service Indianapolis. As the weather begins to transition from hot summer months to crisp fall and you spot the first leaves as they turn from green to red and gold, you’ll likely find yourself thinking ahead to winter preparedness. 

Should you order a sun lamp for those cloudy Indianapolis winter days? Do you have a winter kit in case snow or stormy weather keeps you in place for a while? At home, you should be considering not just your weatherproofing, but also the care of your chimney and fireplace.

With the ease of access and fuel efficiency offered by gas fireplaces compared to their older wood-burning counterparts, it’s no surprise they outpace traditional fireplaces in terms of sales. 

No fireplace comes without maintenance needs, though, and gas fireplaces have their own unique needs. With the investment of installing a gas fireplace in the first place, regular maintenance will protect your fireplace and ensure you can use it for years to come. 

Why Does it Need Service?

Gas fireplaces burn cleaner than wood-burning fireplaces and do not cause smoke or the collection of ash in your chimney, but they still require check-ups at least annually to ensure all their elements are functional, undamaged, and ready for use. This is especially important leading into our fall and winter seasons, when chances are you’re likely to give your fireplace heavy use and transportation can be limited by weather. 

Cleaning your fireplace without professional experience working with natural gas is a risk, which is why we recommend utilizing a qualified technician. Damaging a natural gas line would bring unnecessary risk to you and your household, and can even impact your wider community

What Does Gas Fireplace Service Include?


The technician will review the fireplace, chimney, and surrounding portions of the house to make sure they are installed securely and do not have visible signs of wear. If you have a venting gas fireplace, we will make sure any fumes are being redirected out of the home properly so you can rest assured while heating your living room or master bedroom on chilly fall and winter days.  If there is any visible collection of condensation or water, this can indicate a leak in the chimney, in which case the source should be identified as quickly as possible and resolved to prevent damage to the home or further compromising of the fireplace system. 

The ceramic logs in the fireplace and doors to the fireplace will also need to be checked for cracks or, in the case of the door’s unique sealing edges, leaks. If these are found, the logs can be replaced and the doors re-sealed or replaced if needed. After ensuring they are cool enough, we will take your ceramic logs outside to clean any soot from them to reduce the risk of buildup and make sure they look as charming as when they were first installed.

Test the Gas Line and Ignition

Your favorite quality of life elements of your gas fireplace–the easy ignition, simple control of the flow of gas and strength of fire, and discreet gas line–all need to be regularly reviewed for utmost safety and functionality. They will also clean in and around the decorative logs to ensure proper flow and management of the natural gas in your fireplace, and vacuum potential debris from the back and sides of the fireplace, including pet hair and dust. Regularly cleaning out debris is one way to ensure the only thing burning in your fireplace is smokeless natural gas.

Check Your CO2 Detectors

The CDC reports higher rates of unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning in the winter months than any other time of year, sometimes the result of poor maintenance of fireplaces and other heating elements. While regular maintenance will reduce this risk in your home, the technician will still check the efficacy of your carbon monoxide detectors, and you should always ensure these have batteries and are working properly.

If you have a ventless gas fireplace without a chimney, the fireplace vents into your home. The technician will still follow through with any applicable inspections listed above, and you should be extra careful to ensure your CO2 detectors are functioning properly. Some states even disallow you from placing ventless fireplaces in places where you sleep, however, Indiana has no restrictions for these and allows them anywhere in the state.

Brick + Ember Outfitters Indianapolis 

Our chimney outfitting staff here at Brick + Ember Outfitters are all certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and are here to ensure the safety of your fireplace for you and your family. We cover conversion of wood-burning fireplaces, installation of gas fireplaces, and regular maintenance of either. We’ve been providing quality service for 10 years this year! Contact our Indianapolis office today to set up an appointment and prepare your house for the coming cozy months!