The New Year is a time for starting fresh and making those classic resolutions. While people tend to focus on categories like fitness and work, your home is a great place to start with resolutions. The new year is a great opportunity to invest in your home’s masonry with a chimney sweep. 

During heavy winter use, your chimney may suffer from soot and creosote buildup. The new year is a great time to hire a certified professional chimney and masonry expert to sweep your chimney clean and keep it working optimally all year long. Here’s why you should start 2020 out with a professional chimney sweep. 


Tackle Home Maintenance 

Home maintenance easily piles up and can create a list that is impossible to tackle. To get ahead of your home maintenance to-do list in the new decade, schedule your professional chimney sweep and inspection. You should have your chimney and fireplace swept and inspected annually in order to keep them functioning safely and efficiently. 


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A dirty chimney and fireplace lead to more carbon emissions. Looking to shrink your carbon footprint in the new year? Start by getting a chimney sweep. A clean chimney and fireplace are more efficient, which means your energy output (and bill) is lower. Being able to use your clean fireplace more often also helps heat your home in a cleaner, more natural way than with a furnace. 


Clean Air in Your Home

Cleaning your chimney and fireplace will help keep your home cleaner as well. Gunked up chimneys will release smoke back into your home, sprinkling dust and soot particles over your entire home. Additionally, dirty chimneys may emit unpleasant odors than penetrate into your home for an odor that is impossible to clean. 


Save Money in the Long Run

Saving money is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Getting a professional chimney sweep and inspection is actually one way to meet that resolution. Cleaning your chimney allows it to run smoothly and more efficiently so you can spend less heating your home with your furnace. A chimney sweep and inspection will also prevent and catch any minor issues before they become costly repairs. Invest in a chimney sweep this year and save thousands in the long run. 


Start the year (and the new decade!) off right with a chimney sweep and inspection. Get ahead on home maintenance, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint for a great start to 2020. Give your Indianapolis Brick + Ember Outfitters a call today at 317-500-1250  to kick off the new year with an affordable chimney sweep and inspection.