As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, you may be wondering just how you can increase your luck. While you can certainly take your chances scouring for a four-leaf clover, we have an easy trick for a bit of luck. In case you have never heard the folk tale, it is actually good luck to shake hands with a chimney sweep! 

Those familiar with Mary Poppins may remember Bert the chimney sweep who reminds children that “a sweep is as lucky as can be” and that “good luck will rub off” when he shakes hands with you. But the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins is just one example of the folktale that chimney sweeps are good luck. For centuries, it has been considered good luck to shake hands with a chimney sweep. According to a few different tales, here’s why:


King William

One tale dates all the way back to 1066 when King William of Great Britain experienced an out-of-control carriage. Legend has it that a chimney sweep pushed the King to safety and the king declared chimney sweeps to be lucky after this good fortune. 


King George III

Another folklore is about King George III in the 1700s. In this tale, a dog spooked his horses while traveling by carriage. According to this story as well, a chimney sweep came to the rescue and kept his carriage upright. The result? King George also declared chimney sweeps to be lucky. 


A Love Story 

No folklore legend is complete without a love story. In this tale, a chimney sweep lost his footing and was hanging from a gutter. The woman in the house pulled him to safety, and the two instantly fell in love and later married. This legend began the superstition that having a chimney sweep at your wedding is good luck for the marriage. 


Are Chimney Sweeps Good Luck?

So is it good luck to shake hands with a chimney sweep? Legend has it that chimney sweeps are good luck, but we will let you find out for yourself. The Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis certified chimney sweeps are happy to shake your hands before we clean and inspect your chimney. While you may experience a boost of luck, we know for sure that you will have a healthier, more efficient chimney when we leave. Test your luck and schedule a chimney sweep and inspection with Brick + Ember Outfitters today!