Chimney maintenance is critical for ensuring the proper functioning of your chimney. An annual chimney sweep is one of the simplest forms of maintenance that will help protect your family from fires and other chimney hazards. The quality of your chimney sweep and inspection is absolutely crucial for ensuring the safety of your home and the prevention of future damages. In this post, we explain more about how to hire a certified chimney sweep. 

Chimney Safety Institute of America 

The number one thing you must look for in a professional chimney sweep is the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certification. CSIA certified sweeps like the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis are recognized by the institute for their exemplary service. You can trust the quality and safety of CSIA companies. 

Liability Insurance 

You should also make sure the company has valid business liability insurance to protect your home against accidents during the sweep and inspection. Any reputable business will be able to provide evidence of this insurance 

Check References

You should ask any prospective chimney sweepers if they can provide references for their work done previously. Reputable companies should be able to provide references, show photos from previous work, and have several reviews. In addition to asking the company for references, you should also research online for honest reviews. 



A high-quality chimney sweep service displays professionalism. Make sure the technicians can show proper ID when coming to your home. The technicians should take the care to listen to your needs and understand your chimney needs prior to the sweep. 


CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep with B+E

B+E is your leading provider of chimney sweeps and inspections in the greater Indianapolis area. Every single one of our technicians is expertly trained and CSIA certified. Our knowledgeable team has experience with many different types of chimneys and fireplaces. Each technician arrives in a company-branded car with proper ID. Expect the utmost care and professionalism from our team who does everything to meet your needs. Take care of your chimney and fireplace with an affordable chimney sweep and inspection from B+E. Request an appointment today with our CSIA certified technicians by calling 317-500-1250, emailing, or visiting our website.