Homeowners putting their house on the market want to get the best possible offer for their home. One way to do that is to hire a chimney sweep before selling your home. Not only is it ultimately a requirement before the sale or transfer of property, it’s the best course of action to have it done beforehand in order to have potential problems taken care of.

What will an inspector do?

Home inspectors state that a chimney must be cleaned and inspected by a professional. They make sure of things like

  • Interior and exterior chimneys are inspected
  • Attic and crawlspaces are assessed for chimney damage
  • Accessible parts are examined to ensure health
  • Chimneys are verified that it is free of obstructions and combustible material
  • Flue linings are checked for cracks

What problems could be revealed?

Inspections can reveal that heating sources (chimneys, fireplaces, heating appliances) are not in compliance with safety standards. They are likely to find damage if a chimney or fireplace has not been properly tended to. Sometimes, professional chimney sweeps discover that a heating appliance was incorrectly installed or a fireplace was not built properly.

Some of the most common issues uncovered during an inspection are

  • An insufficient amount of space between hot surfaces and combustible materials
  • Chimney liners are the wrong size
  • Chimney liners are not connected properly

Who should I hire?

Because it is important to determine the health of your chimney, certified professionals are recommended. A licensed chimney sweep will recognize unmet building codes and can advise steps toward meeting approval.

We know that you have a lot on your plate as you are getting your home ready to sell. Let our certified Outfitters take care of your chimney sweeping needs so you can confidently put your house on the market.