If you have some extra cash lying around, a worthwhile investment (especially this time of year in Indiana) would be a nice patio for your home. It’s the perfect spot to wine and dine your friends and family, and – even better – it can also make your home more appealing for buyers if/when you decide to sell.

In 2007, a survey by the National Association of Realtors ranked patios as one of the most desirable features that home buyers want. In fact, over 50% of people polled said they would pay top dollar for a house with a nice patio area. If you are in the Indianapolis market, now is the time to consider installing a patio – or putting your house on the market – since spring has finally sprung.

Why patios are in high demand

Outdoor living areas are attractive to home buyers because they consider it a “bonus living area.” With a patio, you are able to extend your living space outside the walls of your home. In good weather (spring, summer and fall in Indiana), you have a place to sit and soak in the sun.

By investing in some patio furniture and a grill, you can eat meals outside. Toss some steaks on the grill and take in the pleasantness of your yard! Invite some friends over and enjoy some entertainment. (Connecting your iPod to a speaker can easily help set the mood.)

Not only does patio space not have to be heated or cooled, it’s also not taxed heavily and is easy to manage all year long. Patio areas have the potential to create a relaxing sanctuary, all within a few feet of your back door. (Who doesn’t want that?)

Investing in your outdoor space

If we’ve convinced you to invest in a patio, how do you decide what to do?

We recommend building a patio that matches the tone of the rest of your space. For example: A large patio with a tiny hard doesn’t leave much green space, which can lessen property value. Similarly, a big yard with a small patio also won’t look proportional.

Patios aren’t meant to be standalone structures, so choose a door as the entry point. Ideally, it will be approximately 15-30 steps from the kitchen so food can easily be transported. We also suggest building patios behind your home in order to help with privacy.

If adding a patio makes your home more attractive to buyers AND you get to enjoy it now, why wait? We think it’s a no brainer. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.