After we finish our masonry work building beautiful fireplaces and accent walls, homeowners naturally want to decorate the new focal point of their room. Wreaths, mirrors, and TVs are the perfect addition to most hearths. But there’s one issue—the brick…which is why we frequently get asked, “How am I supposed to drill into brick?”

Although it may sound intimidating, it’s not that difficult. Here’s what you need to do to successfully drill into your brick wall or fireplace.

Tools required: Electric drill, masonry drill bit, anchor, painter’s tape, driver, hammer (optional)

  1. Secure an electric drill and a masonry drill bit, which is designed to drill through brick and mortar. We suggest taking your masonry screw and anchor with you to the hardware store so you can purchase the right size of drill bit for your project.
  2. Measure the anchor, which is used to hold the screw in place when hanging heavy objects. Mark the depth of the anchor with painter’s tape so you know how far you need to drill.
  3. Drill the hole. When you reach the painter’s tape mark, you know you’ve reached the correct depth. Put the anchor in the hole, tapping it in with a hammer if necessary.
  4. Drill the screw into the anchor. Replace the drill bit with a driver. Drive the screw into the anchor, leaving enough room to hang your decor.

…and that’s it! That wasn’t so hard, was it? If you have any questions about drilling into your masonry, give us a call. We’re experts at this stuff!