Few home wear and tear problems are as frustrating as a leaky chimney, as there are so many reasons why a chimney might leak and because of the sometimes permanent damage, it can cause to your home. From rusted fireplace and chimney parts to water stains on your ceiling or walls, a leaking chimney is a homeowner’s nightmare. These are elements for chimney leak repair for any home.

If you’re in the unfortunate predicament of having a leaky chimney, fear not. There are some short-term remedies you can employ until you can get a professional on the scene.

Chimney Crown Repair

Sometimes as chimneys age, they develop cracks in the crown. This allows water to sneak into your chimney. What you’ll need for this project are a caulk gun and polyurethane caulk. If you’re comfortable with getting up on your roof, inspect the chimney crown, and, if it appears sound, begin caulking any cracks or gaps you might find. 

Chimney Cap Replacement

If a chimney cap is too small for your chimney, you might experience leakage. In this case, you’ll need to install a new cap. Make sure the bonnet (the top of the cap) is twice the size of the fireplace flue opening.

Brick and Mortar Repair

Like with the chimney crown, this repair involves caulking; however, you can expect it to last only months, as lasting repair requires removing cracked bricks and installing new ones.


Flashing damage occurs because of rust or storms. The sealant can wear away and allow water to leak through. You would fix this problem by scraping away the bad caulking and redoing it with a flashing sealant or roof cement. You can also use masonry nails to reattach loose flashing.

If the flashing was installed incorrectly, then you would have leakage from the very beginning. You would need to replace the flashing altogether, as well as tar paper and adjacent shingles.

Chimney Cricket

If your leakage is because of a missing chimney cricket, you will need to call a professional to install one, as this is a large-scale project that can only be undertaken by an expert.

The Best Chimney Leak Repair Service in Indianapolis

It is important to note that most of these repairs require you to get up on your rooftop. If you have any reservations about climbing your roof (and who can blame you if you do?), it’s always better to go with an expert. Further, most of these quick fixes are temporary. To fully address the issue, you will need to contact a professional.

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