A well-designed fireplace adds incredible value to any home and is a popular feature in top-selling Indianapolis homes. Whether you are looking to install a new fireplace or upgrade your current fireplace, custom fireplace design is the best way to get the fireplace of your dreams. The Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis offers industry-leading fireplace design Brick + Ember Outfitters will work with you to create a modern fireplace design that suits your personal style and home decor. 

We Stay on Top of Fireplace Trends 

All fireplaces are great additions to your home, but a modern fireplace has an even greater appeal. Brick + Ember Outfitters will help you get the modern fireplace of your dreams. Our knowledgeable team constantly researches the latest in fireplace design to ensure we understand the features of modern fireplace design. We know the ins and outs of popular fireplace design and will help you create the modern fireplace of your dreams. 

We Incorporate Your Needs

The key to great fireplace design is your personal touch. Brick + Ember Outfitters works with you at every stage to create a fireplace that YOU want. We listen to your needs, preferences, and style to create something that you will love for many years to come. If you are not sure what you are looking for, our experienced team will offer suggestions based on modern fireplace design and trends.


Professional Fireplace Design You Can Count On 

Brick + Ember Outfitters offers professional fireplace design that you can trust. Our team is fully committed to helping you get the fireplace of your dreams and one that perfectly suits your home. Brick and stone fireplaces coming in all sizes and shapes, so it is easy to create the best solution for your space. No matter what room you want your fireplace in, Brick + Ember Outfitters will help. We can transform your living room, dining room, kitchen, or outdoor space with a custom fireplace. Brick + Ember Outfitters will help you try something new and customize the color, size, material, and overall design of your new fireplace so it expertly suits your home. Learn more about our modern fireplace design or schedule your consultation by contacting B+E at 1-317-500-1250 or OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM.