Having a fireplace in your Indiana home is a huge benefit during the chilly falls and blistering winters. You can receive direct warmth and a cozy ambiance that a furnace or boiler just cannot match.

However, your chimney is just as important for the functioning of your fireplace as your actual fireplace. A damaged chimney is a huge hazard for your home and family. As a form of masonry, chimneys are very durable and designed to withstand harsh weather. Time, extreme weather and lack of maintenance may cause your chimney damage. Eventually, chimneys require restoration to return to their original glory. Here are some signs it is time to consult the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis to restore your chimney. 


Spalling is when bricks or stone flake or peel off. You can spot spalling when pieces of masonry fall off of your chimney. Spalling is caused by water entering the brick and expanding when it freezes to damage the brick. Left untreated, spalling can ruin the appearance and structure of your chimney. 

Tilting Chimney 

A leaning chimney is a huge red flag. When your chimney begins to lean, it puts immense stress on your home and can tear the lining. This allows fire and exhaust into the upper levels of your home, which is hazardous for your family. Do not wait to call an expert if you notice your chimney is tilted. 

Missing Stones or Bricks

Mortar holds the bricks or stones of your chimney together. If you notice bricks or stones missing, it is a sign that your mortar is wearing down. Every single brick that is missing threatens the structure of the chimney and weakens it. Seek restoration services as soon as possible if you notice missing bricks and stones. 

Constant Small Repairs

If you are always needing small repairs on your chimney, it may be time to tackle some bigger underlying problems and seek restoration. Each chimney requires slightly different processes for restoration, but it oftentimes requires changing the liner, strengthening the structure, and replacing damaged parts. Chimney restoration will save you from those constant smaller repairs. 

The experts at Brick + Ember Outfitters are ready to help you restore your chimney. We make sure to blend your restoration with the existing masonry for a seamless repair. Delaying a necessary chimney restoration can result in disaster. Don’t wait any longer, schedule an appointment for your chimney today by contacting Brick + Ember Outfitters at 317-500-1250 or through our website