Chances are, you have been enjoying the fireplace in your Indianapolis home since fall. If you were unable to get your chimney sweep done before the burning season, you may think it is too late for a chimney sweep. Even if you have been regularly using your chimney sweep, it is not too late for a sweep and inspection! While we recommend you get your sweep in spring to clean up from fall and winter use, the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis offer chimney services year-round to keep your chimney in pristine condition. 

But My Chimney Works Fine!

Some homeowners skip their chimney sweep for months or years and do not notice any difference. Even though your chimney may continue to work, it will decrease in efficiency as creosote builds up. Neglecting chimney sweeps will result in a damaged chimney that now costs hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. 


Keep Your Family Safe

During the chilly Indianapolis winters, you may be frequently using your chimney which will lead to creosote buildup, especially if it was not previously swept. With only one perfect storm of heat, the dirty chimney, and some oxygen, a flue fire could start. Flue fires are dangerous for your chimney, home, and family. The likelihood of a flue fire is drastically decreased when your chimney is swept. If you did not get your chimney sweep the spring before, it is not too late. Getting your sweep, even in the middle of the burning season, will keep your chimney working efficiently and safely while reducing the risk of flue fires.  The benefits of a chimney sweep include:

  • Ensure your chimney is working correctly and free of damage. 
  • Reduce the risk of chimney fires by clearing creosote building. 
  • Eliminate chimney odors from soot and humidity. 
  • Prevent blockages that would cause carbon monoxide intrusion. 
  • Prevent chimney deterioration from acids in creosote deposits. 


Chimney Experts

The experienced team at the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis is ready to perform your chimney sweep and inspection when you need it. It is never too late to schedule your chimney sweep and protect your home. From B+E, you can expect the best service and trusted professionals. Protect your Indianapolis home and family by contacting us at Brick + Ember Outfitters to schedule your chimney sweep and camera inspection!