Every flue is different, so it is hard to put a universal time on chimney sweeping. However, on average, a thorough cleaning should take about 45 minutes to an hour. This time can increase substantially if there is creosote present in your flue, if the flue is damaged in any way, or if there are blockages such as birds’ nests. If your chimney cleaning requires more time, it’s good to ask and understand why.

Even if you don’t use the fireplace in your home very often, it is still important to get your system serviced at least once or twice a year. Keeping your fireplace maintained on a regular basis not only gets rid of creosote and other harmful debris, but it also improves the overall air quality of your home. 

Your chimney sweep will give important information regarding the health of your system and make recommendations about how to improve its performance. It’s always best to make your appointment before the autumn months begin. This will ensure that you can operate your fireplace worry-free as soon as the temperature gets chilly!

What to Expect

Your chimney sweep will use a long rod with heavy metal bristles around the tip to clear your chimney of debris, gunk, and creosote that may be clogging your system. He or she will lay down a drop cloth or sheets of plastic to help protect your home, and use a small vacuum to help remove dust and debris.  

They may start by cleaning the flue and moving up the chimney, or they may start at the chimney and move their way down towards the flue.  Your technician will focus on scraping away any buildup that has accumulated from fires over time. 

How to Prepare for your Service

Before the technician arrives to service your fireplace, be sure to remove any furniture or other objects that may prevent your chimney sweep from easily accessing the area. Many companies may offer to perform an inspection to take place at the same time as the cleaning. 

During the inspection, they will look for any signs of cracks or other damage to the structure. If it is determined that repair work is needed, or if additions like a chimney cap are installed, this can extend your overall cleaning time. 

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