Chimney inspection is a key part of keeping your home safe and sound. Damaged chimneys can lead to moisture and mold issues, exposure to carbon monoxide, risk of fire, and structural damage to your home. This may sound frightening, but fortunately, performing a regular chimney inspection will make it possible to repair damages and avoid these risks.

Performing Your Own Inspection

It is possible to perform your own chimney inspection in order to assess whether you need to hire a professional. It is recommended that your chimney is inspected once or twice a year, and if you feel confident about doing it yourself this is a great way to save some money. It is important that you are thorough and informed about what to look for during your inspection, so be sure to read on for tips on how to move forward.


The first thing that probably comes to mind when thinking about inspecting your chimney is the exterior appearance. The exterior can suffer various types of damage over time, and is fairly easy to inspect. When performing your own chimney inspection, do the following: 

  •     Remove moss, vines, and other growth
  •     Look for cracks or gaps in the mortar
  •     Notice whether the chimney is straight
  •     Look for rust or damage to caps/chase covers 

If the outside of your chimney is in poor condition, it can lead to structural or water damage. Concerned about the condition of your chimney? Consider a restoration or rebuild.


Damage to the interior of your chimney is less obvious, but can be more dangerous in many ways. Interior damage can lead to house fires, dangerous fumes, or moisture issues. Below are key points for inspecting the interior of your chimney:

  •     Shine a strong flashlight on the interior of the chimney
  •     Check that the walls of the firebox are sound
  •     Look for debris (leaves, birds’ nests, etc.)
  •     Notice whether the walls of the smoke chamber are smooth

If you notice any signs of cracks, roughness, or debris, consult a professional for advice and cleaning. Build-up in the chimney makes it unsafe to use, and probably means you need a chimney sweep or smoke chamber parging.

Hiring a Professional

If don’t feel comfortable inspecting your own chimney, our Outfitters are here to help. We offer all three levels of chimney inspection recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, which include: 

  •     Level 1: Routine assessment of healthy chimney
  •     Level 2: Assessment of chimney with suspected damage
  •     Level 3: Assessment of chimney with extensive or obvious damage

After having your chimney inspected, you may find you need to hire a professional to repair damages. Brick + Ember Outfitters Indianapolis offers the services mentioned above and many more, and we are here to keep your chimney safe and usable. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 317-500-1250, email us at, or submit a form on our website!