Winter may not be ideal for selling a home, but to say it’s impossible to sell isn’t necessarily accurate either. My folks are actually looking to sell a home at the moment! As the winter months move in, my mother has become a bit more cynical about the possibility of selling. Less than thrilled, she’s looking for ways to make the place more appealing as we head into the grey of the winter. There are a few things that can be done to help in making a client’s home sellable in a season that lacks a lot of color and vibrancy.

A few of the tips from the folks over at included:

Put in the Work

We’ll keep the summary simple here. It’s Fall now, so rake the leaves, but once the leaves are cleaned up, make sure things are properly and neatly pruned. When the snow hits, make sure sidewalks and driveways are shoveled. Basically the idea here is keep it clean, safe and tidy!

Dress Up Your Garden Beds

The garden beds may have had the brightness of the warmer months; plants in bloom and radiant colors galore! And, while the trees have a phenomenal ability to make dying look beautiful (leaves changing color), once those leaves hit the ground, outside of the spruces, we’re looking at less than beautiful for the seasonal plants and the mess of the edges of the garden beds that the squirrels have made, running all over the place hiding their winter-stash. Re-edging is a great way to clean the place up and give some definition to the yard!

Mix In Color and Greenery

Color in the garden beds and flower pots is a great touch for increased curb appeal for the winter season. Spruces do well in the winter months, and a list of others, but we’re not going to make a list here (

Add Lighting

During the Holiday season especially, lumineers are a great accent to any path or walkway. Spot-lights help to highlight focal points of the home, and bring a sense of warmth to the exterior. If you have beautiful masonry on the exterior of the home, this is a characteristic worth highlighting.

Don’t Ignore the Backyard

Snow is in season, but if you have a patio or a deck, keeping it cleaned off is a great way to ensure your potential buyers don’t miss any possibility for envisioning themselves in the home in the warmer months, enjoying that backyard. Any cleaning up and added color you did in the front will be beneficial in the back. Sure, mention the patio or deck in the listing, but anything you can do to help the potential buyers visualize that warm summer evening in the backyard can go a long way in the sale of your home.

Brick + Ember Outfitters’ is all about building equity, restoring beauty and growing peace of mind. Ensuring your masonry, chimney and fireplace is in safe and functioning order is essential to the resale value of your home. Inspectors will indicate any potential for concerns, so before you delay the process ensure you’ve got all of your loose ends tied up and you’re ready to move out and on with things!