The many suburbs of Indianapolis. Indianapolis is an exciting city with a lively downtown area. For many people, the Indianapolis suburbs are the best way to experience close proximity to the city without the chaos. There are many nearby suburbs to choose from, making the greater Indianapolis area an attractive place for all kinds of people to live. 

In this post, we will break down some of the many suburbs of Indianapolis. Read on to find out some of the best places to live near Indianapolis. 


Carmel, IN is ranked as the #1 best suburb in the Indianapolis area on for best places to buy a house, to live, and to raise a family. Carmel is a fairly large suburb, with over 90,000 residents. Carmel public schools are rated incredibly high, and the area provides a true suburban feel. There are many coffee shops, parks, restaurants, and more in Carmel. Overall, Carmel is the best suburb of Indianapolis according to the recent census and FBI data. 


Zionsville is a suburb with incredibly low crime rates and quaint charm. It is quite a bit smaller than Carmel, with a population of 26,000. Zionsville offers many community events and is a great place for outdoor activities with its many hiking trails and the Starkey Nature Park. 


Noblesville is just north of Indianapolis in top-rated Hamilton County, and it has a population of 61,558. Noblesville boasts low crime rates as well as some of the top schools in the nation. It has a very affordable cost of living, making it an ideal option for young families and first-time homebuyers. 


Westfield is another one of the many great suburbs of Indianapolis in Hamilton County. Westfield provides a sparse urban vibe where the majority of people own their own homes. Westfield has plenty to do, as there are many parks and coffee shops. Like most of Hamilton County, Westfield has highly-rated public schools. 

Taking Care of Your Indianapolis Suburban Home

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