Water, dripping from the ceiling, running down the mantle, sitting at the bottom of the firebox? A heavy rain is something that no homeowner should have to see from the inside of the home, but happens more often then you may think.

Anytime water penetrates the veneer, house-wrap and interior walls, the distressed sinking feeling arrives in your mind, so the sooner you can address the issue the better – give us a call!

What causes a chimney to leak? Here are a few of the most likely diagnoses:

  • Missing or damaged Rain-Cap. Rain falls right down the chimney – simple enough to remedy! Grab a rain jacket and take a quick look up at the very top of the chimney to see if you’ve got a rain-cap.
  • Damaged Concrete Crown or Chase Cover. A crown is the concrete “roof” to the chimney, but being a porous material that can deteriorate, water can begin to leak into the chimney. A Chase Cover is a metal fitted lid that serves the exact same purpose as a concrete crown, but if it’s rusting or sagging (concave), you’ll find yourself in the same complex: leaking.
  • Old, deteriorated Flashing. The flashing used to channel water away from where the chimney meets the roof may need to be replaced. The caulking used to adhere the flashing to the chimney may be dried out or simply deteriorated, a probable cause for the leak.
  • Damaged bricks or mortar. If the structure of the chimney itself is in disrepair, water may penetrate the home.

If you see water in or around the fireplace/chimney, call us. We also provide water-tests to pinpoint the leak, because time wasted is money wasted – no guessing around.