A chimney clean, more commonly known as a chimney sweep, removes the creosote or other buildup in a chimney’s flue to prevent hazardous fires and to aid in the efficiency of your chimney’s function. While the description might call up imagery of Victorian England rather than Indianapolis, Indiana, keeping your chimney clean is as important now as it’s ever been.

What We Can Do for You

Chimney cleaning is what we do, and we take great pride in it. We ensure that you can enjoy safe, cozy fires in your fireplace/chimney all winter long. Our goal is to bring you peace of mind in your own home.

If you don’t use your chimney frequently, you might be inclined to forget about your chimney altogether. Why clean something that you rarely use? Even if you don’t enjoy sitting around your fireplace, cleaning the chimney can reduce the risk of flue fires and make your air safer by improving carbon monoxide ventilation. 

Beyond that, we all know that there’s plenty of wildlife living in the Indianapolis area, and plenty of those critters would love the chance to make a home in your unused chimney. To make sure you aren’t hosting a family of squirrels, raccoons, or others, it’s important to clean your chimney at least once per year.

We Are Certified

It is of great importance to ensure that your Chimney Sweep is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), proficient in industry regulated cleaning standards and proper inspection practices of your chimney. When you have your chimney cleaned, you want to be certain that it’s done right. 

The sweeps at Brick + Ember Outfitters are all certified by the

CSIA and are prepared to address any chimney-related concerns which may arise during an assessment of your chimney or fireplace. Feel free to reach out to our professional cleaning team with any questions or concerns you might have.

When to Call Us?

Industry professionals do recommend a chimney be swept and inspected, at

least once, annually. The safety and functionality of your chimney is

extremely relevant and important to the safety of your home and family. You can keep your house safer from fires and carbon monoxide, as well as animal-free, by calling in our services just once a year.