Do You Need a Chimney Crown Repair?

During your annual chimney sweep and inspection, our knowledgeable chimney sweeps may find some additional damage that should be addressed. That’s one of the biggest advantages of your chimney sweep and inspection, it can help catch repair concerns before they get out of control. 

One of the most common areas that tend to require attention is the chimney crown. If your chimney crown is damaged, how do you know if it needs repair, replacement, or to be sealed?

What’s the Chimney Crown?

The chimney crown is on the very top of your chimney. It tops off your masonry chimney, and it’s main function is to keep water out of your chimney. It reaches two inches over the chimney edge, allowing water to run off the chimney rather than down the side. 

If the chimney crown sustains damage, it poses a risk to your entire chimney. A cracked or broken crown will not seal water out, which puts the rest of your chimney at risk for water damage. If your chimney crown has any damage, it is critical to address them immediately. 

Sealant, Repair, or Replacement?

The earlier you catch chimney crown damage, the better it is. If you address the chimney crown at the first sign of damage, you can address it before the damage gets worse and threatens your entire chimney.

If there are only small holes in the crown, a professional may be able to simply seal them with a special sealant to maintain the integrity of the crown. Cracks or larger holes often warrant crown repair, but the early you handle them the less severe the repair will be. Sometimes, the crown is beyond repair. Severely damaged crowns will need to be completely replaced, which is much more expensive than sealing or repairing. 

Consult a Chimney Professional 

The only way to know if your chimney crown needs to be sealed, repaired, or replaced is to consult a professional chimney expert. The dedicated team at your Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis can thoroughly inspect your entire chimney, including your crown, to determine if you require any repairs. To learn more about our chimney services and how we can help, contact B+E today HERE