Do You Need a Chimney Crown Repair?

Your chimney crown is a stunning, functional element of your home that is incredibly important for the durability of your chimney. Unfortunately, chimney crowns are the most likely feature of your chimney to sustain damage because they are the most exposed to the elements. 

Your chimney crown takes a beating from the variable Indianapolis weather and may become damaged. A damaged chimney crown is no light matter, and it is more than just an eye-sore. If your chimney crown needs repair, it is critical that you get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent other issues. 

How do you know the chimney crown on your Indianapolis home needs repair? Read on to find out. 

Warning Signs for Chimney Crown Repair


Moisture damage leads to rust. If you notice rust on your fireplace, then water must be getting in through your chimney. The most likely culprit is a chimney crown that needs repair. 

Interior chimney damage

The walls near your chimney inside of your home can also indicate issues with your chimney crown. If you notice moisture damage on interior walls near the chimney, it’s time to get your chimney crown checked. 


Cracks are a clear sign of chimney crown damage. If your chimney crown has any visible cracks, your crown need to be repaired before it can let moisture and other things into your chimney. 

Falling tiles

Tiles falling down into your fireplace indicate an issue with flue lining, which may be due to chimney crown issues. Make sure to have this looked at as soon as possible. 

Chimney degradation 

If you notice actual pieces of masonry falling from your chimney, then the damage is very serious and could damage the rest of your home. This is a key sign that you need chimney crown repair for your Indianapolis home. 

Mortar joint deterioration

Mortar joints can also show water damage. If you see crumbling, dark spots, or cracks in your chimney mortar then the crown is most likely allowing water in and in need of repair. 

Brick + Ember Outfitters for Indianapolis Chimney Crown Repair 

Chimney crown issues are very serious and need to addressed quickly to keep your chimney, fireplace, and home in the best condition possible. If you notice any of the signs of chimney crown damage above or suspect that your chimney crown is in need of repair, then the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis can help. Learn more about our chimney crown services or set up your consultation today by contacting Brick + Ember Outfitters at 317-500-1250 OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM or HERE.