The fireplace in your Indianapolis home is not only an incredible design feature, but it is also incredibly useful for the rough winters. There’s nothing better than cozying up next to the crackling fireplace with a few blankets and a warm drink during the chilly fall nights and brisk winters. 

But wait. 

Have you had your fireplace and chimney inspection this year?

Before you can enjoy your fireplace this winter, you must have it inspected. Some home maintenance tasks may seem unnecessary, but this is an essential one. Here’s why you need a fireplace and chimney inspection:

To Prevent Flue Fires

Remember all of those incredible fireplace fires from last winter? Each one produced soot and creosote that stuck to your chimney walls. This buildup is normal and isn’t a major problem if it’s removed in a timely manner, but if it sits there it poses a major hazard. Creosote buildup is the #1 risk factor for flue fires, and a flue fire is not something you want. A flue fire can damage your chimney, fireplace, and entire home if it gets bad enough. 


The risk is not worth it. The easiest way to prevent flue fires is with an annual chimney sweep and inspection. Get the creosote buildup out of there and make sure everything is ready to go for this burning season. 

Remove Obstructions

Creosote isn’t the only thing that can make its way inside your chimney. Outside debris like dirt, leaves, and twigs may also get in. Additionally, animals often mistake chimneys as a great place for burrowing and nesting, and they can get stuck in your chimney as well. An inspection will catch and remove any obstructions that would otherwise be hazardous. 

Catch Damage Sooner

Quickly repairing chimney damage is the difference between a minor bump in the road and a huge, expensive repair. Since many parts of your chimney are hidden or too high up to see, signs of damage may go unnoticed. A chimney inspection will assess the condition of your chimney and catch and minor damage before it becomes a big, costly problem. 

Schedule Your Chimney Sweep and Inspection Today 

There are many important reasons why you need a fireplace and chimney inspection. The overall point is that a simple inspection will keep your chimney in good condition and free of hazards, so you can use it safely this upcoming burning season. Schedule your chimney sweep and inspection with your trusted Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis HERE.