Fireplaces have long been a top feature for Indianapolis homes. In a climate with such harsh winters, a fireplace can be a welcomed escape to comfort and warmth, while serving as the centerpiece for gatherings. While the importance of the fireplace is longstanding, one thing that has changed over time is the design trends. Whether you are installing a new fireplace or considering upgrading your current fireplace, it is important to know the new trends in fireplace design. 

Large and Square

One design trend for modern fireplaces is a bigger overall size. Traditionally, fireplaces were rectangular, but a large, square shape is the trend. The larger viewable area exudes elegance and prestige. Large and in charge square fireplaces are a great way to command attention and fill up wall space. These work great underneath mounded televisions. 

Long and Linear

Aside from large and square, long and linear is another top fireplace design trend. Linear fireplaces offer a modern look and clean finish. Linear fireplaces can stretch up to the full length of a wall, and easily transform a room. With linear fireplaces, you achieve a modern, classic look that ties in well with most decor styles. 

Corner Fireplaces

Open floor plans now dominate modern homes, and the corner/ multi-sided fireplaces are ideal for these types of rooms. You can use a multi-sided fireplace with large central flues to differentiate rooms while maintaining an open floor plan. Corner fireplaces are a unique way to incorporate fireplaces into rooms like a master bedroom as well. 


Controllable Heat and Smart Fireplaces

While gas fireplaces are becoming more commonplace, there are new ways to control them. Many gas fireplaces now allow you to set the desired room temperature which automatically controls the heat and intensity of the fire. Gas fireplaces are no longer just an on and off switch. You can use programmable remotes and thermostats to maintain set temperatures or to schedule your fireplace to turn on or off at certain times. 


Custom Fireplace Design 

When it comes to fireplace design, quality matters! For professional, long-lasting fireplace design, installation, and maintenance, choose the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis. Our knowledgeable team is involved in every single step of your masonry fireplace design and will help you design your dream custom fireplace. To learn more about our custom fireplace design services or to schedule your free consultation, contact Brick + Ember Outfitters at 317.500.1250 or