The fireplace in your Indianapolis home helps make winter a little more manageable. It may be tempting to use your fireplace for disposal or to know what is safe to burn. Safe fireplace use reduces the risk of disastrous fires and helps protect your home and family. In order to be a responsible fireplace user, you should never burn the following items in your fireplace

Treated Wood

If you have treated wood from an old structure or project, your fireplace is not the place to dispose of it. Treated wood contains toxic chemicals that are released when you burn them. These chemicals can damage your fireplace and pose a danger to your family. 



Plastic is extremely dangerous to burn in your fireplace. Never put any type of plastic into your fireplace fire. Plastics release very toxic chemicals, like hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide, and heavy metals that are bad for the environment and your health. 


Cardboard and Colored Paper

Small amounts of plain, original newspapers are acceptable to use as kindling for your fire. However, colored or glossy paper, like that from magazines, and cardboard should not be added to your fireplace. Both of these release toxic chemicals. 


Garbage and Food Scraps

Your fireplace is not a trash bin. Avoid tossing any form of garbage or food into your fire. Many garbage items contain dyes and toxic chemicals. 

Fire Accelerants

Liquid fire starters certainly make it easier to get a fire going, but they are not to be used for indoor fires. Additionally, liquid fire starters can create fires that are too large and unsafe for your fireplace. 


Christmas Trees

Unfortunately, Christmas trees do not make for acceptable fireplace firewood. The wood is not properly seasoned or dried. Pine or fir is also very resinous and can create dangerous creosote deposits. In general, you should not use any wood that is not properly prepared for burning. 


What to Burn in Your Fireplace

As a general rule, you should only burn dry, seasoned wood in your fireplace. Anything that is not dry, seasoned wood poses a danger to your fireplace, home, and family. Always buy your wood from a reputable source, and be sure to store it properly. Your local Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis are happy to help you with any fireplace questions or concerns. For the best quality fireplace and chimney maintenance and repairs, or to discuss any questions you may have, contact us at 317-500-1250, OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM, or through our website