Outdoor fireplaces are one of the latest dream home features. With an outdoor fireplace, you create an incredible outdoor patio experience and truly enjoy the Indianapolis summer nights. However, winters in Indianapolis are quite long, and you may feel an outdoor fireplace would not get much use. So are outdoor fireplaces really worth it? 

Why Not Just Use a Firepit?

In the midwest, it may seem like an outdoor fireplace would go to waste. Many people consider an outdoor firepit as a less expensive alternative that would allow them to enjoy the fire and ambiance during summer nights without such an investment. However, a fire pit may be an eyesore for a premium outdoor living space. Additionally, a fire pit is not very suitable for a winter property and requires much more regular maintenance to maintain. A large fire pit will also take up a lot of space. 


Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are much more attractive as part of your landscape design, and will even add the benefit of privacy screening. Outdoor fireplaces certainly cost more, but they also get used more even in areas with long winters. Outdoor fireplaces also work much better in windy areas and allow you to account for wind. Smoke from an outdoor fireplace will blow up the chimney, rather than to your seating area. The overall design of your outdoor fireplace allows it to take up much less square footage of your outdoor living space than a firepit, and you can custom design your firepit for unparalleled aesthetic appeal. 


The experts at the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis highly recommend outdoor fireplaces over firepits. To create the outdoor patio or living space of your dreams you will need to invest a lot. An outdoor fireplace is only part of this investment but will make your outdoor space much more usable. Additionally, it will increase the value of your entire home and property. 


Custom Outdoor Fireplace Design

In many cases, an outdoor fireplace is well worth the investment and will greatly improve your outdoor living space. If you are still unsure, the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis are happy to discuss outdoor fireplaces with you. Our experienced team can help you create a statement fireplace that perfectly projects your style, so you can completely transform your outdoor living space. To learn more about our custom fireplace design or to schedule your appointment, contact us at 317-500-1250 or OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM