There’s nothing like a versatile outdoor area where you can entertain guests, do a little backyard grilling, lounge on a lazy weekend afternoon, or even enjoy a tranquil cup of coffee first thing in the morning. If you’ve been thinking of ways to gain more usable space from your backyard, you really can’t go wrong with a deck or a patio. But which is better?

Well, it depends. You’ll have to consider the landscape and the design of your house, your budget, the look and feel of the final product, and your long-term desires. While either may be a viable option for you, choosing the right one to suit your needs is important—after all, you want to make a decision you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Wooden Decks

Wooden decks are built above ground, which can be an attractive option if you’ve got a backyard that’s uneven or is likely to have problematic tree roots in the area in which you’ll want to build. They’re also generally less expensive than patios because they require less labor to install.

One crucial thing to consider is lifespan. Wooden decks will usually last around seven to eight years before they’ll have to undergo major repair or reconstruction, though you can sometimes stretch the time a deck will last by using composites and different sorts of sealers and all-weather finishes.

Concrete Patios

While patios can be more expensive to install, they’re much more durable and will generally last for twenty-five years or more without the need for serious maintenance. Because of this factor alone, they may be the better choice just because you’ve got a higher return on your initial investment. You’ll get more use, for longer, out of a concrete patio versus a wooden deck.

Another important thing to consider is what you plan to do with the space. If you plan to install something like a hot tub—or might in the future—you’ll want to go with a patio, which will bear the weight and give you a solid (and safe!) foundation.

The Final Word

Both patios and decks have their pluses and minuses, and both are unquestionably great ways to transform your backyard space into a more versatile and enjoyable extension of your home. Which you ultimately choose depends on what suits your needs—and wants.

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