Purchasing a gas to wood fireplace. You have a gas fireplace in your home. But what if you yearn for more? Let’s face it. There’s nothing like the warm glow of a roaring wood fire. 

So, is it possible to convert a gas fireplace to a wood fireplace? The short answer is yes, but you have to have the appropriate setup.

Here’s a basic rundown of what you might expect when preparing to convert your fireplace.

Preliminary Steps


You’ll need to evaluate your situation. First, you’ll have to determine whether or not your fireplace is convertible. Homes that were built with gas fireplaces can’t usually be converted to wood fireplaces. Rather than a conversion, you’ll need a flue and chimney installed. 

Do NOT try to burn wood in a fireplace built for gas; you’ll have a dangerous smoky mess on your hands. Smoke isn’t released from your home the right way when you burn wood in a gas fireplace.

If you have a gas fireplace that was originally a wood fireplace, there’s a lot less labor required.

Call a Professional

The next thing you should do is speak to a professional about your circumstances. Brick + Ember Outfitters can help you determine what you will need to achieve your goal.


Make sure you can legally alter your fireplace. Check with your town or city hall to confirm that you won’t be violating any building codes or permits.


Next, if you have a chimney, you will need it inspected. A trained chimney technician will ensure that everything is in working condition. They’ll also look for problems like broken clay tiles or cracked bricks that interfere with venting. The key component of conversion is ensuring you have a vent that can manage smoke from a wood fire. 

You may also need your chimney cleaned.


Finally, your fireplace is ready for the conversion. A technician will remove the gas logs and cap the gas. 


To determine the actual cost of a conversion, you have to have professionals look at your existing fireplace. If the flue is in good condition, it may only cost $150-$300, plus a few labor hours. If you need a whole new chimney, of course, that’s going to cost you a lot more.


Gas to wood fireplace conversion is possible, given the right circumstances. Your first step is to talk to a professional to determine whether you need a conversion or a replacement chimney.

If you take nothing else away from this article, know that, above all, you should enlist the help of a trained professional throughout the gas to wood fireplace process. This is not a DIY project. It is critical to your safety and that of your loved ones to consult and hire an expert.

Trust Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis to guide you through the gas to wood fireplace conversion process from beginning to end. Give us a call at 317-500-1250 or make an appointment on our website, and we’ll be happy to answer what questions you have and help you plan your transition to the stunning wood fireplace you’ve been dreaming of.