Fireplaces are an excellent centerpiece for your Indianapolis home. Properly decorating around your fireplace will help you show your personal style and make your fireplace stand out visually. Incorporating the right decorative elements around your gas fireplace helps make it a functional focal point of your home. 

Decorate Safely

Before decorating around your gas fireplace, always remember to keep safety in mind. Be aware of flammable materials, and make sure to keep those items at least three feet away. Always keep your fire extinguishing materials nearby as well. 

Above Your Gas Fireplace

The space above your gas fireplace is important and will draw the eyes toward your fireplace. Consider which room your fireplace is in, and the type of theme you want to achieve. Some great ideas for decorating above your fireplace include:

  • Photo gallery. Display a gallery of photos or mementos that fit the color scheme of your home. Consider mixing in additional items like wooden letters or other art. 
  • Decorative mirror. A large decorative mirror will also help fill the space above your fireplace and provide added dimension. Make sure to hang your mirror at least 8 inches above your mantel. 
  • TV. if your fireplace is in the main room of your home, it often makes sense to hang a flatscreen TV above it. Again, hang at least 8 inches above the mantel and secure.

In Front of Your Gas Fireplace

The space in front of your gas fireplace should be inviting and encourage people to gather around. Some items to put in front of your gas fireplace include:

  • A hearth rug. Hearth rugs are flame-retardant and will anchor your entire fireplace design. For the best visual appeal, use a rug that is as long as the fireplace. Use the rug to tie in the decor of the room. 
  • A seating area. While you don’t want chairs or couches too close to your fireplace, adding seating arrangements that face your fireplace is a great way to accentuate the fireplace and create a comfortable space for people to enjoy the fireplace. 

Next to Your Fireplace

Both symmetrical and asymmetrical decor will help you highlight your gas fireplace with a cohesive theme. Here are some items to consider adding next to your gas fireplace:

  • A basket with decorative or practical items. You can choose any material basket that suits your design needs. Make sure to put it in a spot that does not get too hot. Use the basket to store practical items that you need like a decorative throw. 
  • Plants. Fake or real plants on the sides of your fireplace are another great design idea. Again, just make sure they are not too close to the fireplace. 

Decorate Your Gas Fireplace

Using the design ideas above, you can transform a plain gas fireplace into a decorative centerpiece of your home. In order to enjoy your newly decorated fireplace, you must make sure that it is in working order. The Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis is here to help! Our knowledgeable team will assess and repair your fireplace to ensure you can thoroughly enjoy it. To learn more about fireplace design or to schedule your consultation, contact us at 317-500-1250 or OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM.