As a realtor, you are asked to list a variety of homes—those in good condition and those that need a little love. You regularly encounter houses in need of chimney sweeps, tuck pointing, brick repair, and fireplace overhauls. Some of the work is obvious, while others might be more difficult to notice. If you have any of the issues below with your homes on the market, let us know. Brick + Ember Outfitters can help!


tuck pointing

The gaps in this chimney mean that it needs tuckpointing. (If you don’t know, that’s when mortar joints are damaged.)

Crown Replacement

crown repair

This crown desperately needs a replacement. (We also do crown repairs!)

Fireplace Replacement

fireplace repair

This fireplace was so ugly that we ripped it out. We’re your go-to for fireplace installations, fireplace repairs, and fireplace replacements!

Chase Cover

chase cover

This chase cover is clearly rusted, and it needs a new one—preferably one with a lifetime warranty like we offer!

Chimney Sweep

chimney sweep

To a potential homebuyer, this chimney looks like work. Hire us to do a chimney sweep and chimney inspection to put their minds at ease!

If you see any of these problems in the homes you’re listing, give Brick + Ember Outfitters a call. We work on your timeframe, and we’re pre-emptive about issues, which saves you money in the end. Let us resolve these issues for you before they become more significant than they already are.