A gas fireplace is a convenient, cozy, and unique feature to have in your home—especially if you live in Indianapolis and want to stay warm during the chilly winter months. 

While a gas fireplace is typically easier to maintain than a wood-burning fireplace, it is still important to perform routine maintenance to keep your fireplace in top-notch condition. It’s generally recommended to perform maintenance on your gas fireplace at least once per year to prevent any issues that may arise.

Requirements for Gas Fireplace Maintenance

There are three main elements to keep in mind while performing your gas fireplace maintenance to ensure that it remains in safe working condition.

First of all, your gas fireplace should undergo a yearly safety inspection. This entails testing the gas pressure and ensuring that the main burner is operating properly. Additionally, it’s important to check for any gas leaks that could lead to a serious problem in your home. Checking that the gas line, vents and smoke flumes, and ignition system are working properly is also an important part of this inspection.

Secondly, cleaning your gas fireplace is important for safety reasons as well as aesthetic ones. It’s recommended that you clean your fireplace at least once every month to get rid of cobwebs and other debris that has collected over time. You can use quality glass cleaners to wipe the inside and outside parts of the fireplace screen to protect it from stains and permanent discoloration. While it’s easy to keep up with a basic cleaning routine, a qualified technician is your best bet when your fireplace is in need of a deep clean.

Finally, cleaning the gas logs is another crucial part of ensuring that your gas fireplace is functioning as intended. In order to safely clean the gas logs, you have to make sure that both the gas and pilot light are completely shut off to allow the gas logs to cool. Then, you can carry the logs outside and get rid of any soot.

Consult a Professional for Fireplace Maintenance

While some of these maintenance steps may seem generally self-explanatory and easy, there are other parts of the process that are just safer and more convenient for a qualified technician with the right knowledge and tools to perform. Additionally, if your fireplace is showing any of the following warning signs, you should stop using your fireplace and call a certified technician immediately. Warning signs include: odd smells from the fireplace, seeing smoke coming from your gas fireplace, and difficulties in igniting the pilot light.

If you’re a homeowner in Indianapolis and are in need of gas fireplace maintenance, consulting a professional is the best way to prevent gas from entering your home, stop the loss of heat, and extend the lifespan of your fireplace. Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis offer unbeatable maintenance services to keep your gas fireplace working properly for years to come. Contact us today HERE to learn more about our maintenance services and schedule an appointment today!