Autumn – there is something refreshing about the crisp morning air and the colors of Autumn – oh! And it cools down, which at this point, no one is opposed to, as far as we know. We’ve come to learn that Autumn also happens to be the second best time of the year to sell a home – fancy that, right?

The folks over at have a few tips you can offer your sellers that just might bring that Autumn appeal to the For-Sale properties:

  • Clean Up the Yard: Simple enough, leaves are staring to fall, and other plants are not so inclined to the Fall weather – trim back branches, clear out brush, and showcase that property!
  • Create Autumn Curb Appeal: this one is straight from the folks at home, “the most popular autumn flowers are chrysanthemums (or mums) and they bloom for a long time.” So, there’s that – curb appeal!
  • Dress the Windows: Grab some Windex, Invisible Glass, something along those lines, a bit of elbow grease and take off some of the dirt and grime from the summer months.
  • Check the HVAC: the inspection will likely include an assessment of your HVAC, so do some pre-inspection diligence and turn the system on. Ensure there aren’t any funny smells and the furnace filter? Yeah – let’s get that changed out.
  • Clean Out the Fireplace: Oh look, the chimney and masonry company is not the only place you’ll find this sort of recommendation, we love that! Are there little piles of ash, or cobwebs, or does it even work? And why not have it burning during an open-house if you’re up for that sort of ambiance — it would certainly fit the occasion, draw some positive attention, and perhaps add some sellable value to the home!
  • Prepare Autumn Dishes: Like pumpkin-bread, yes!
  • Utilize Autumn Accent Colors: Throws, pillows, centerpieces are the way to go here!
  • Turn on the Lights: The daylight stays with us less, this time of the year. So be mindful of how rooms are lit and what sort of light is coming into the room, if any at all!
  • Offer Parting Treats: says, “Gathering [potential] buyer feedback can be crucial. And buyers will feel more compelled to leave you a note if you give them something in return.”

Brick + Ember Outfitters wants to ensure you’re homes are ready to sell! Have the fireplace swept and inspected – that’s some value-added and “one less thing to worry about” for everyone.