Spring is the time for hitting refresh, cleaning out your closet, revitalizing your garden and taking care of those home maintenance tasks that have been neglected in the colder months. As you begin the spring cleaning process, why not go ahead and schedule your annual chimney sweep?

Do I really need a sweep this year?

Yes. If you use your fireplace at all, an annual chimney sweep is an absolutely necessary safety measure and recommended by industry professionals. A certified sweep will clean your chimney, removing any flammable creosote buildup to prevent a dangerous flue fire. The sweep will also inspect your chimney to ensure that everything is in working order, remove any debris or animals from the flue and evaluate the integrity of the structure. Even if you haven’t used your fireplace at all, this annual maintenance serves as a critical check-up for the health of your chimney and your home.

Why now?

Most homeowners wait to schedule a sweep until August. This, of course, is completely logical. Fireplace use certainly declines or drops off completely in the summer months. When August rolls around, homeowners want to prepare their chimneys for the fall. However, the demand for chimney sweeps at the end of summer creates a large backup. Scheduling can become very difficult, and you may have to wait several weeks for an appointment. Beat the rush by scheduling your sweep in the spring! You can get this maintenance out of the way, and your appointment will be at your convenience.

Contact your local Brick + Ember Outfitters to schedule a high-quality chimney sweep and inspection—today. Happy spring cleaning!