Step by step approach to a wood burning fireplace installation Fireplaces are excellent additions to Indianapolis homes because of the warmth and comfort they provide. There’s nothing quite as cozy as snuggling up in front of the fireplace during the cold Indiana winters. However, not all homes came with a fireplace. 

That leads many homebuyers and homeowners to ask, “can you install a wood-burning fireplace in an existing home?”

Fortunately, the answer is almost always YES!

A traditional wood-burning fireplace can be added to most existing homes with the right knowledge and preparation. 

Here’s what you need to know about installing a wood-burning fireplace in an existing home. 

Benefits of Adding a Fireplace to a Home

Fireplaces offer many important benefits for Indianapolis homeowners. Here are some reasons you may want to consider adding one to your home:

  • Create a cozy ambiance. 
  • Add warmth to your home, especially during fall and winter. 
  • Improve the look of your home. 
  • Increase the value of your home. 
  • Fireplaces are sought-after features that many homebuyers look for. Adding one may help you appeal to buyers when you choose to sell. 

Adding a Fireplace to an Existing Home

It’s often possible to add a fireplace to a home that’s already built. However, you must decide which fireplace works best. Check the local building codes and requirements for vent pipes and emissions. The common types of fireplaces to choose from are prefabricated, gas, wood-burning, or electric. 

Direct-Vent Gas Fireplaces

Direct-gas fireplaces are the easiest to install, as they can be installed on any exterior wall. The vent simply faces out the back of the wall. Installation is fast, only taking a day or two. Now, you won’t get the traditional “fireplace feel”, like the crackling and smoldering wood scents from a wood-burning fireplace, but you’ll still be able to set a cozy mood. Direct-vent gas fireplaces are a great choice for supplying warmth, and they are easy to operate and maintain. 

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Wood-burning fireplaces offer a traditional, nostalgic fireplace look and feel. However, to add a wood-burning fireplace, you must have enough space to create a chimney through the roof. This is often easier for one-story homes, and the options can be limited for multi-story homes. Still, you can often find enough space to add a chimney by enclosing a spare closet or corner of a room. While this type of fireplace is highly sought-after, it will cost the most. It’s typically crafted from brick or stone and a wood mantel. 

Factory-Built Fireplace

Perhaps the most affordable option is a zero-clearance/ factory-built fireplace. These sleek, modern fireplaces are lightweight and offer linear designs. They’re very easy to install and don’t require nearly as much construction as a wood fireplace. They’re also very easy to maintain, and they can be installed in any room thanks to their firebox enclosures. 

Deciding Where to Put a New Fireplace 

You’ll also need to factor in where to put your fireplace. Most people enjoy putting their new fireplace in a common room, like the living room or family room. However, there are other options. If you want efficient heating, then you may want to put the fireplace in a smaller room. Some other popular options are the office, spare bedroom, or master bedroom. 

When determining the location of your fireplace, you’ll have to consider the size of the firebox, the type of chimney/liner, and the size of the damper opening. Make sure to review your local building codes. 

The Cost of Fireplace Installation

It’s certainly easier to add a fireplace into a new build, but it’s possible to do for existing homes. Of course, fireplace installation is an investment. So the big question is how much does it cost to put in a fireplace?

The average cost of a new prefabricated gas or wood fireplace is around $2,900, according to HomeGuide. On the other hand, an electric fireplace costs about $1,200. A masonry fireplace is most expensive, costing around $4,900. 

The prices above are simply averages, which offer a rough idea of the cost. However, every fireplace installation is unique. The exact cost will depend on several factors, and the only way to get an accurate estimate is to speak with a fireplace installer. The knowledgeable team at the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis are happy to discuss your fireplace needs and provide you with an accurate estimate.

For the best fireplace installation services in Indianapolis, look no further than B+E. We are here to help with all of your fireplace needs, including design, installation, maintenance, and repairs. To learn more about our fireplace services or to schedule an appointment for your fireplace installation quote, contact Brick + Ember Outfitters today at 317-500-1250 or OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM