The best Indianapolis chimney sweeps. The safest fireplaces and chimneys are those that receive regular cleaning, repair, and maintenance by certified chimney sweep technicians. Neglecting regular chimney maintenance will lead to dangerous creosote and soot buildup as well as smoke-drafting obstructions, a common problem if you use your chimney without a chimney cap. All of this can lead to dangerous operating conditions.

The chimney uses the pressure difference caused by a hot column of gas to create a draught and draw air over the hot coals or wood enabling continued combustion.  During normal operation, a layer of soot, and creosote builds up on the inside of the chimney, restricting the flow. The creosote can also catch fire.  A chimney sweep is someone who clears ash and soot from the chimney’s flue by sweeping and removing the soot from within.  

Here are the reasons why hiring a qualified professional chimney sweep is so important:

Remove Creosote

When the smoke from a fire cools and condenses in a cold chimney, it creates a condensation that becomes creosote on the inner flue walls or liner.  Creosote is sticky, similar to tar, and not only does it stick to the chimney, but other debris can also stick to it as well.

It doesn’t take a lot of creosote to fuel a chimney fire.  The scary part about a chimney fire is that it’s not always noticed by people in the home. Often, smaller chimney fires can start and then go out on their own.  Still, the damage is being done to the masonry or liner within the flue when this happens.  Eventually, without proper cleaning, a larger fire that could put the entire home and lives at risk is bound to happen.

Signs of a chimney fire include a rumbling or ticking sound in the firebox.  Excess smoke drifting down into the room is another sign.  If you notice any of these, extinguish the fire and call 911.

Clean Out Obstructions

If you operate your chimney with a damaged or missing chimney cap, obstructions can enter the flue.  These obstructions can include twigs, leaves, small broken branches as well as animal nests, and small dead animals.  All of this can create drafting issues and a fire danger.

Chimneys are constructed with the proper flue size to allow smoke from your fireplace to rise and exit the top of your chimney.  Where there’s a narrowing of the flue opening, smoke and toxins can back up and exit the firebox into the room. 

You can keep all debris out of your flue by having a quality chimney cap installed. Chimney caps cover the flue opening to prevent water intrusion (and subsequent water damage), and the sides are made of a material that allows smoke to move through them while keeping outside junk outside where it belongs.


Although smoke entering the home is a major concern, it contains carbon monoxide, which is a much bigger problem.  This toxic gas is invisible and odorless and is known to be deadly to humans and animals.  Professional, certified chimney sweeps remove all obstructions from your chimney, restoring it to full operational capacity. 

Where creosote is concerned, the less smoke your fireplace produces, the less creosote buildup you’ll have to deal with. Here’s how to create less smoke:

  • Burn only dry wood
  • Don’t stack logs tightly together – they need space to gather oxygen
  • Ensure sufficient air within the home is getting to the fireplace (crack a window, if necessary)
  • Keep your flue clean so smoke can travel up it smoothly
  • Make sure your flue opening isn’t too small for the fireplace
  • Make sure your chimney is tall enough (minimum 10 feet high and extending at least two feet from the roof)

By letting a certified chimney sweep do its part in maintaining your chimney, you can rest easy, knowing your chimney is clean, safe, and working at peak performance.


Regular maintenance on your chimney during the summer months can help you avoid costly repairs to damaged chimneys, roofs, or fireplaces in the winter.  Neglecting to have your chimney swept and inspected can lead to buildup that can start fires in your chimney, on your roof, and in your home. Smoke being pushed back into your home from a chimney with too much soot can cause irreversible damage to your furniture, walls, carpet, and clothes. 

Peace of Mind

A chimney in good working condition does its job safely and efficiently.  A chimney packed with flammable creosote can be the source of a catastrophic house fire.  

Hiring a professional to sweep your chimney will give you great peace of mind in knowing that it is done right, functioning at its best, and ready for use. Also, you’ll know that your family is safe in your home with a nice fire going.

Chimney professionals can identify problems that most homeowners would miss.  If a chimney becomes obstructed, not only can it lead to a fire, but it can cause deadly carbon monoxide to enter the home instead of escaping out of the chimney. Without the proper training and equipment, sweeping the chimney and checking for chimney obstructions by climbing the roof can be very dangerous.  Make sure to have someone who is licensed and trained inspect your chimney. Inspections are vital in determining what service you need to have done to your chimney.

Brick + Ember Outfitters Indianapolis’ Best Chimney Sweeps

At Brick + Ember Outfitters Indianapolis, we can ensure that all of our technicians are certified and trained to not only provide the most skilled work but the best customer service as well. Each of our technicians is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, or CSIA, and has worked on the many unique types of chimneys and fireplaces. 

We take professionalism to the next level here at Brick + Ember Outfitters by assuring our customer’s safety and trust.  Our technicians will come to your home in a Brick + Ember Outfitters branded car and have identification on them every time so there’s no guesswork as to who’s entering your home.  

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