Best way to fix my fireplace. Oh, no! What’s wrong with my fireplace?A fireplace is a welcome asset to any home. But, like anything else, it needs regular care and maintenance to keep it in its best shape. It’s worth noting that different types of fireplaces have different issues. Here are some of the most common problems with three types of fireplaces and possible solutions to get you up and running again.

Common Wood Fireplace Problems

Damper Closed

Before you start a fire, be sure your damper is open. If you can’t tell, shine a flashlight up the chimney to see if the damper plate is closed or open. Occasionally a damper can get stuck in a closed position due to soot or rust buildup. You can fix it with vigorous scrubbing using a wire brush. Make sure to wear safety goggles and old clothing.

Dirty or Obstructed Chimney

You will need a chimney sweep to come in and clean your chimney. A chimney sweep will also check the chimney for possible obstructions like tree branches or a bird’s nest. If your chimney cap is dirty, smoke won’t exit your chimney correctly. 

Common Gas Fireplace Problems

Pilot Light is Out

If the pilot light is out, follow the instructions in your fireplace’s manual to reignite it. Pilot lights can go out easily, even from a gust of wind. However, if you find the pilot going out often, it may be the thermopile or thermocouple, and you should contact a professional.

Filmy Glass

You must clean your glass fairly regularly, or residue will build up on it. If you leave it for too long, you will not be able to remove it completely. Do not use an ammonia-based cleaner, as it will etch the glass, and you will have to replace it.

Common Electric Fireplace Problems

Unit Won’t Turn On

Make sure the unit is plugged directly into the wall socket and the power switch is on. Don’t plug an electric fireplace into an extension cord. If it is plugged into an extension cord, unplug it and replug the unit directly into a wall socket. If the fireplace still isn’t coming on, 

  • Check to make sure it’s not in a confined space.
    • Doesn’t have any obstructions
    • Components are clean
  • If the unit has a remote, change the remote’s batteries and see if the unit will turn on from the remote. Also, try the power button on the unit again.
  • Check for bad wiring, such as a bent or overstretched cord.
  • Use another wall socket.
  • Replace the fuse on the fireplace.
  • Check the fuse box or breaker for any tripped switches.

Unit Won’t Heat

Make sure the unit is plugged into the wall, and the power switch is on. Next, turn on the switch or switches that operate the heater. In some cases, all switches must be on for the unit to emit heat on the highest setting.

If your unit has a thermostat, make sure it’s set to above what your room temperature is, or the heat won’t come on.

Make sure the unit’s inlet and outlet are clean. If the inlet is blocked, it won’t circulate the cooler air through the unit. If the outlet is blocked, it won’t produce heat.

Ensure the heater element inside the unit and the blower are clean. If the heating element has burned out, you will need to replace it.

The Best Fireplace Repair in Indianapolis

These are just a few of the most common things that can go wrong with a fireplace. Unfortunately, there are plenty more. If you ever have a problem you’re having difficulty diagnosing or fixing, you should always call a professional for support.

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