The cause of a chimney leaking water. While Indianapolis isn’t known for intense rainfall, some seasons present more moisture than others. When it does rain, it’s important to evaluate how your house responds. 

Do you notice any raindrops hitting the bottom of your fireplace?

This may seem normal, as your fireplace extends out of the roof of your roof, but any moisture getting into your home from your chimney is a sign of a problem. 

Over time, water can cause even more damage if left untreated. Don’t wait until the problem gets bigger, find out why water is entering your chimney as soon as you notice it. 

Reasons for Leaky Chimneys 

If you’re wondering “is it normal for water to come down the chimney?” the answer is a resounding NO!

Water should not enter your chimney. If you notice water in your fireplace this suggests there may be an issue with your chimney. Some of the most common reasons for leaking chimneys are:

Structural Damage 

Your chimney is exposed to the elements all year long. In Indianapolis, that means your chimney faces rain, harsh winter weather, hot summer days, wind, and more. Eventually, the wear and tear of elements (or any natural disasters) can damage the chimney. One common form of damage is cracks or chips between the chimney bricks. While the cracks may not seem like a huge deal, cracks in the chimney’s structure can allow water in. Additionally, the winter freeze-thaw cycle can only make the cracks worse. When water gets in and freezes, it expands the crack, which makes it larger. 

Damage to the Chimney Crown 

Another common reason for chimney leaks is damage to the chimney crown. The crown sits on top of your chimney and works as a hat to keep rain from entering through the hole at the top of your chimney. The crown has a sloped surface to help rain runoff and away from the chimney. 

Cracked, corrosion, or chips in the chimney crown can be a problem for water flow. A damaged chimney crown may allow water into your chimney flue. You’ll most likely notice an issue with the chimney crown during heavy rainfall. 

Chimney Lining Issues 

Your chimney lining is inside the flue. It helps protect your chimney flue from the extreme heat of fires, as well as corrosive creosote and soot. The chimney lining should also keep water out of the chimney. 

Clay liners were popularly used in older Indianapolis homes. However, clay liners are prone to cracking and chipping. If your clay liner is damaged, it will need to be replaced to protect your flue. 

If you deal with dripping water during rainfall, replacing your chimney liner can help resolve the issue. During the chimney lining replacement, the professionals can also resolve any other small signs of damage they may notice in your chimney. 

Leaking Roof

A leaky roof can also cause water to enter your chimney. If the roof is damaged near the chimney, it will allow water in. roof flashings are meant to keep rainfall out, but over time they may sustain damage. If the flashings around your chimney show any signs of damage, they may be letting water into your fireplace, but it’s also likely that water could be getting into the roof bed or attic as well. 

How to Fix a Leaky Chimney 

Water entering your home is not normal, even if it’s coming from your chimney. A structurally sound chimney will be able to keep rainfall and elements out of your home. If you notice any water entering through your chimney, address it as soon as possible to prevent more serious damage to your home. 

First and foremost, you must figure out how the water is getting in. For an untrained eye, it will be very hard to inspect the roof or chimney accurately. Instead, consult your local experts, the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis. We will inspect your chimney carefully to determine the cause of the leak. 

After we’ve found the source of the leak, our knowledgeable team can correct it. We will do everything we can to preserve as much of your chimney as possible, opting for repairs over replacement when possible. We’ll explain how the repair will help. The sooner you address a leaking chimney, the quicker we can repair it. Fast action is the key to preventing more extensive problems down the road. 

If water is coming down your chimney, now is the time to find out why and get it fixed. Our team of CSIA certified chimney specialists will analyze and address your chimney problems quickly and efficiently. To learn more about our chimney services or to schedule your appointment today, contact Brick + Ember Outfitters at 317.500.1250 or