Tools for a Chimney Cleaning in Indianapolis

A crackling fire feels comforting and looks beautiful. But hidden in your chimney, where you can’t see it, wood smoke is clinging, forming creosote—tarlike, acidic waste that blocks chimneys, damages their linings, and causes fires.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends annual inspections for every chimney and, when needed, cleaning by professionals. Why invest in inspections and cleanings? You don’t want your Indianapolis home to be part of this statistic: Every year in the United States, there are 25,000 chimney fires, causing more than $120 million in property damage.

Should you try to clean your home’s chimney yourself? What tools would you need—and what tools should you ensure a professional chimney sweep brings if you hire an expert like Brick + Ember Outfitters?


Think of chimney sweeps, and you might picture sooty sweeps from “Mary Poppins,” dancing with long-handled brushes. Today’s long brush links multiple metal rods to reach the length of a chimney flue. Metal bristles scrape creosote off flue walls. Some jobs require motorized, rotary brushes to bash away creosote that manual brushing can’t dislodge.

If you’re trying to clean your own chimney, climb the roof and measure your flue’s diameter, so you don’t end up buying the wrong brushes. Expect to get additional specialized brushes for areas like the firebox. Steel flues need specific brushes too. The wrong brushes scar metal flues, and that damage could void the chimney’s warranty.

Rather than taking the risks of using the wrong equipment, trust professionals from Brick + Ember Outfitters, your Indianapolis sweeps.


A home vacuum might suck up visible debris after a do-it-yourself cleaning. But if you value clean air inside your home, a dirty job calls for specialized vacuums with extra filtration to keep pollutants out of the air. Chimney cleaning releases minuscule particles you don’t want to breathe.

Chemical cleaners

Brushes alone can’t tackle all creosote. Chemical cleaners change creosote from a clinging goo to a drier, brittle substance that’s easier to remove.


An expert chimney cleaner should use a camera to inspect your Indianapolis home’s chimney. Cameras eliminate guesswork about how much buildup really is crusting the flue and how well the cleaning is working. You should be able to see your chimney’s condition to ensure the job’s done and your fires will burn brightly—and safely.

 For experienced chimney cleaners in Indianapolis, IN, and surrounding areas, call on Brick + Ember Outfitters. Our services include chimney sweeping, restoration, repair, and design.