After using the fireplace in your Indianapolis home all winter long, it is time for a professional chimney sweep and inspection. Your annual chimney sweep is one of the best maintenance practices for keeping your chimney working properly and safely for years to come. As with every professional, the tools and techniques matter immensely when it comes to quality. Your Indianapolis chimney sweep should have access to certain tools and equipment for performing your chimney sweep. Here are some of the common tools of a chimney sweep in Indianapolis. 


Indianapolis chimney sweeps will have a variety of brushes at their disposal for sweeping your chimney. A long wire brush is both strong and flexible and ideal for cleaning tight spaces. Stiff flat wire-bristle brushes are used to scrape off glazed creosote and other tough debris. Hand brushes are ideal for cleaning the smoke chamber and chimney caps. 

Chemical Cleaners

Sometimes brushes just can’t get all the creosote and soot buildup off your chimney walls, and a professional Indianapolis chimney sweep knows this. Your chimney sweep will also have chemical cleaning agents available to get rid of any tough buildup that the brushes can’t handle. 


Chimney sweeping is certainly a messy task. In order to keep their workspace and your home clean, your professional Indianapolis chimney sweep will have a powerful, industrial-grade vacuum. The vacuum should have multiple stage filers to remove pollutants and preserve your air quality. 

Safety Gear

Cleaning a chimney exposes the sweep to a number of nasty chemicals and carcinogens. To protect their own health, your Indianapolis chimney sweep should have safety gear, including a full-face respirator. 

Inspection Camera

Removing creosote and soot buildup is only part of the job for your Indianapolis chimney sweep. Your yearly chimney sweep should also include inspection, and the best ones will use an inspection camera. An inspection camera allows the chimney sweep to see every angle and a small corner of your chimney, giving them a better view of the condition of your chimney. The camera inspection will help the chimney sweep determine if you have any chimney damage and what repairs would be recommended. 

Schedule Your Indianapolis Chimney Sweep

Getting your yearly chimney sweep and inspection will help your chimney work better and last longer. However, quality certainly matters. In order to perform an accurate sweep and inspection, your Indianapolis chimney sweep should have all of the essential tools above. The CSIA certified technicians at the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis have all the tools, skills, and experience to perform a high-quality chimney sweep and inspection for you this season. To learn more about chimney sweeps or schedule yours today, contact Brick + Ember Outfitters at 317-500-1250, OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM, or through our website