A masonry patio offers a great outdoor space to take advantage of Indianapolis’s gorgeous summers. Stone or brick masonry creates a beautiful patio space that is durable, fire-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. However, even masonry patios require some upkeep. The most common challenge that you will face with your masonry patio is the stubborn weeds that attempt to take over your space and turn it into a tangled jungle. Weeds distract from the beauty of your masonry patio and can be very frustrating to deal with. Luckily, we have some effective tips for how to treat and prevent weeds from overtaking your patio.

Preventing Weeds

Freshly installed masonry patio or one that is currently free of weeds? It is time to get to work preventing weeds. Here are some of the top methods for preventing weeds:

  • Use polymeric sand to fill in the cracks and gaps. This prevents weeds and bugs from making a home between the stones. 
  • Regularly sweep and brush your paving stones to disrupt weed seeds and prevent them from settling. 
  • Apply a preventative treatment to repel weeds, like Wet & Forget.
  • Ensure your patio is properly installed and has the necessary drainage. Hire an experienced masonry expert to design and install your patio. 

Treating Weeds

If you already have weeds on your masonry patio, it is important that you treat them as soon as possible before moving on to the methods for preventing future weeds. To treat the weeds, take the following steps:

  • Wait for rainfall and pull as many weeds as possible from damp soil.
  • Pressure wash the surface to remove weeds from the cracks while also cleaning the brick or stone of your patio. Use a rotating surface cleaner attachment. 
  • Apply a weed killer that will penetrate to the leftover roots of any weeds. 
  • After removing the weeds, follow up with the preventative measures listed above to keep them away for good!

Patio Facelift

Treating and preventing any weeds will transform your masonry patio to its full glory. Along the way, you may notice some other areas of your patio that need repair. The dedicated team at Brick + Ember Outfitters is committed to helping you with all of your masonry needs, including your patio. Learn more about how we can help you with your patio maintenance and repairs by contacting us through our website, calling 317-500-1250, or emailing OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM