It’s no wonder that masonry is a favorite construction method among builders and homeowners: masonry is beautiful, versatile and durable. However, to ensure that durability, masonry structures must be periodically maintained. In particular, masonry mortar is vulnerable to elements. Over the years, harsh winter weather and precipitation can penetrate and weaken the mortar joints of masonry. Tuck pointing repairs this damage and prevents this deterioration.


What is tuck pointing?

Tuck pointing is a repair process in which damaged mortar is replaced with new mortar. A mason will expertly remove the old mortar at a uniform depth, precisely fill in those grooves with mortar to match the existing color of the surrounding mortar joints and then “strike” the mortar. This means the mason professionally removes the excess mortar to match the look of the existing mortar joints. The entire structure can be waterproofed once dry.


Is it really necessary?

Tuck pointing is not just an aesthetic concern (though your masonry will look good as new). When the mortar joints of your masonry chimney, for example, deteriorate, water can penetrate through the mortar to supporting structures of the chimney and house, weakening the integrity of the structure. This can cause the chimney to collapse or cause wood framing to rot from water damage.

The cost of rebuilding a chimney is far greater than the cost of repairs, so don’t ignore this crucial maintenance for too long. Tuck pointing will preserve the life of your chimney by stopping the penetration of water into the mortar joints, restoring structural stability to your masonry chimney. In addition, your pristine, well-maintained masonry will add value to your home.

Tuck pointing restores the integrity and beauty of your masonry. The process requires delicate, time-consuming work, expertise and an eye for detail. Our outfitters are skilled masons and take this work very seriously. Contact Brick + Ember Outfitters for our tuck pointing services today; we can handle any project, no matter how extensive.