What does a masonry repair Contractor Do? Brick, stone, and concrete are common materials used in a variety of homes. 

If your home has any of these materials, including a chimney, then you may have heard of masonry before. You may have even been advised to hire a masonry contractor for maintenance and repairs. 

But what exactly is a mason? And what does a mason contractor do?

Is masonry repair something you can handle on your own?

Today, we’ll take a deep dive into these key questions and look closer at what a mason does. 

The Job of a Mason 

In essence, masons work with brick, stone, and concrete. They work with these materials for a wide array of structures, including chimneys, patios, retaining walls, and entire buildings. They are experts with the materials and processes of masonry and can assist with anything from masonry repair to design and construction.

The three masonry specialties are stone, brick, and concrete. Some masonry contractors are specialized in one material, but most modern masons have the necessary expertise to work with all three. 

What do Masons Do?

There is a wide variety of tasks that a professional mason will handle. They may work on aesthetic structures or weight-bearing ones. Commonly, their projects include chimneys, patios, walls, and siding. 

What masons do for these structures depends on the condition of the masonry. One of the most common masonry repairs is fixing cracks. Cracks are not only unsightly, but they can allow water in and lead to further damage. 

Masons may also repoint masonry, which involves replacing mortar. Cracked, crumbling mortar compromises the durability of the structure. Replacing it improves the stability and appearance of masonry. 

Another common masonry repair is to rebuild the structure. When damage is bad enough, a simple repair cannot restore it. In these cases, the mason rebuilds some or all of the structure. Proper maintenance and timely repairs can prevent the need for a rebuild. However, in many older homes, this process is necessary. 

Do I Need a Professional Mason?

Many homeowners wonder if they can handle masonry repair on their own. While it may be possible to perform some minor repairs, DIY masonry is generally a bad idea. Tutorials online may make repairs seem a lot more simple than they actually are. 

Quality matters for masonry, especially for weight-bearing structures. The truth is that attempting DIY repair puts your home at risk for further damage in the long run. 

If you need masonry repairs or installation, then it’s best to consult a professional mason. Here are the top reasons to hire a masonry expert:

  • Save time. Professional masons are experts in their field. Thus, they can perform the work more efficiently than an inexperienced person. 
  • Avoid costly mistakes. If you attempt your own repair and then realize it’s unsuccessful, you may still have to hire a mason, after you already wasted money and time on supplies. There’s also a chance you could cause even more damage. 
  • Access to supplies and equipment. Many people underestimate the tools and equipment used in masonry. If you try your own repair, you may have to spend a lot of money just to get the necessary supplies. When you hire a mason, they already have the tools they need to get the job done right. 
  • Beautiful results. Professional masonry repairs and installation enhance the appearance of your home. They leverage their experience to create beautiful end results! 

How to Hire a Mason

Do you have chipped or crack brickwork? A chimney in disarray? If you have masonry throughout your home that needs work, then you need to hire a mason. Of course, you want to ensure you find a quality, trustworthy mason. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Ask for written estimates from three or more masons. Price should not be the only factor, but you want to ensure that you are paying a fair amount. 
  • Look for experience. You need a mason with experience with structures like yours. Keep in mind, different masons may have different specialties. Make sure the specialties and experience align with what you need. 
  • Review feedback. Trustworthy masons can provide you with references from clients. They should also have a strong reputation online. 

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