What to do if you have a chimney leak. April showers bring May flowers…but they can also reveal chimney leaks. 

Over the winter, it may be hard to identify a chimney leak, but when warmer weather brings rain they can be apparent. Leaking chimneys are a very common issue that Indianapolis homeowners deal with throughout the spring and summer. 

While it may not seem like a big deal, a leaking chimney is a concern you want to address as soon as possible. A chimney leak suggests an issue with your chimney that you’ll want to correct before more damage is done. 

So what exactly should you do if your chimney is leaking?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about chimney leaks. 

Prevention First

If you do not yet have a leaking chimney, you may think this guide isn’t for you, but that could not be further from the truth! Chimney leaks are often the result of wear and tear or an acute form of damage. Damage from severe weather or another isolated event may not be preventable, but progressive chimney damage also causes leaks. 

The best thing you can do is to take the steps to prevent a chimney leak in the first place. Early intervention is the key. Getting your annual chimney sweep and inspection keeps your chimney free of debris. It can also catch any minor damage before it becomes worse and leads to a leak. Repairing any damage as soon as possible will keep your chimney in its best possible condition, which helps reduce the chance of a leak. 

Chimney Leak Signs

Chimney leaks can be tricky, as they are not always as obvious as you’d think. Sometimes, water will pool up in your flue or fireplace, but other times you may notice the following:

  • Condensation in your firebox
  • Water stains, leaks, or moisture on your internal walls near the chimney. 
  • A musty odor appears after the rain.
  • Sounds of water dripping from your chimney. 
  • Cracked, spalling masonry on your chimney. 

Examine the Leak 

The first thing you should do is to inspect the leak. You need to figure out where the leak is coming from and how water is getting into your home. Here are some of the most common sources of a chimney leak:

  • Damaged chimney crown
  • Broken or missing chimney cap
  • Missing chimney cricket
  • Incorrectly sealed chimney flashing
  • Improper chimney lining 
  • Damaged bricks or mortar

Chimney Leak Repair 

Once you’ve found the source of your leaking chimney, then it’s time to repair it. Here are some of the most common chimney repairs done to resolve a leak:

  • Chimney Crown Repair. Cracked crowns can happen over time. However, a damaged chimney crown lets water into your chimney. Repairing your chimney crown can help. Caulking the gaps may work for minor damage. 
  • Chimney Cap Replacement. Chimney caps must fit your chimney correctly. If your cap is ill-fitting or damaged, then you should replace it. The top of the cap (the “bonnet”) should be 2x the size of the flue opening. 
  • Brick and mortar repair. If the bricks are cracked or the mortar deteriorates, then this repair may help. Caulking the damage can be a temporary repair, but ultimately you’ll need a professional to remove and replace the damaged bricks or mortar. 
  • Chimney Cricket. Replacing a missing chimney cricket is often effective. However, this is an extensive project that requires the expertise of a professional. 

Professional Chimney Leak Repair in Indianapolis 

If you’re in a pinch, then the steps above are a good way to temporarily deal with a chimney leak. Ultimately, you should consult a professional as soon as you notice a chimney leak. For those who are not trained in the field, it can be pretty difficult to properly assess or repair a chimney. Experts can best assess and repair your chimney to handle leaks. We have the tools and expertise to take care of your chimney repair needs. 
For the best chimney repair services in Indianapolis, look no further than your Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis. We provide exceptional service for a fair price. You can always count on our dedicated team to get the job done right. If you notice a chimney leak or any other problems with your chimney, then give us a call today. We’ll get your chimney in its top condition in no time! For the best chimney repair services in Indy, contact Brick + Ember Outfitters at 317-500-1250 or OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM.