Let’s say you’re a homeowner in Meridian-Kessler with a deteriorating chimney. Or a resident of Lawrence who has a broken fireplace. Or a family in Noblesville with some brick sidewalk in disrepair. Who are you going to call? (Not Ghostbusters, although that would be cool.)

Brick + Ember Outfitters is the obvious answer! But just in case you’re in another state and can’t utilize our amazing services, you’ll want to hire someone with confidence. After all, you don’t want to trust your home to just anyone. And not all masons are created equally; experience and training will vary, so it’s important to do good research before making a hire.

Here are some valuable questions you can ask when looking for a Masonry Contractor:

  1. Do you have Mason Certifications? Make sure anyone you consider hiring is certified by the MCAA.
  2. What is your specialty? Like most professions, masons have specialties (i.e. not all masons can work with natural stone).
  3. What is your experience cutting and laying patterns? If you have something specific in mind, you need to make sure that they can meet your needs.
  4. What is your timeline? It’s always good to have an estimated amount of time for completion, even though a job may take longer than originally thought.
  5. How should I prepare for the work? Some prep work may be required, so it’s good to know if you will need to do anything to expedite the job.
  6. Can I have references from previous clients? If masons are good at their trade, they’ll be happy to connect you with previous clients.
  7. Can I see your proof of insurance? Don’t just take their word for it. The proof is in the pudding.
  8. What is the expected payment schedule? Some contractors require a portion of payment upfront. Set up a payment plan, but make sure you withhold paying your bill in full until you are completely satisfied with the job.
  9. Who buys the materials? Sometimes you can negotiate a cheaper price if you secure materials.
  10. What are expectations for cleanup? Specify with the contractor who is responsible for cleaning up after the job.

Like with any contractor or service professional, ask questions before you make a hire, and trust your gut. This is your home, after all, and you don’t want just any Joe Schmoe working on it.

If you’re in or around the Indianapolis area, we would love to talk with you about your upcoming project!