The amount of work for a homeowner seems endless. Besides just the weekly tasks like mowing lawns or cleaning floors, there are also seasonal chores like fertilizing grass or shoveling snow. All of these jobs are important for keeping a happy, safe home but there’s one in particular that sometimes slips through the cracks: getting a chimney sweep.

Most people forget they need to have their chimney cleaned for a few reasons. First, because this is something that is only done annually, it isn’t a part of any “spring cleaning” routine and by the time you remember, it’s probably too late. Second, all the dirt and grime that has been building up in your chimney is hidden from view, so there are no unsightly reminders nudging you to clean throughout the year.

But having your chimney swept is an important part of home maintenance and ensuring safety for your family. So the big question remains: “When is the best time of year to get a chimney sweep?”

Spring, Summer, or Fall?

A lot of homeowners assume that the best time to clean your chimney is just before autumn or early fall. Since you don’t use your fireplace much in the summer, wouldn’t it make sense to have your chimney cleaned right before you begin using it again so it’s in pristine condition when you do?

Surprisingly, no. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Here’s why:

The main reason you have to get your chimney cleaned/inspected is to prevent creosote from building up. Creosote is a tar-like substance that is highly combustible which forms during the burning seasons. Due to the nature and formation of creosote, letting it sit during spring and summer only gives this flammable substance time to harden, making it a bigger nuisance (and fire danger) as time goes on. explains this well when they say, “Because you don’t use the fireplace all summer, there’s no possibility of creosote building up before the fall. If a chimney is not used, it will be exactly as clean six months later as the day you cleaned it.”

In other words, waiting until fall to get your chimney cleaned means you’ll actually have a bigger, more expensive job on your hands because early stage creosote (which resembles dust) is much easier to remove than third-degree creosote (which resembles a hard rock).

Another bonus of not waiting for fall is that you’ll avoid being put on long waitlists and enjoy more flexibility from your contractor. As points out, “During the spring, your contractor has more flexible scheduling available. If they find something that needs attention during your chimney inspection, then they can fix it immediately. This is also an opportunity to handle any time-consuming chimney repairs if necessary.”

So, when is the best time for a chimney sweep?

There is no “bad” time for cleaning your chimney and cleaning it in summer or early fall is certainly better than nothing, especially if you forgot to have it done last year. However, the best time to have your chimney cleaned is in the spring, just after the burning season. Making this a regular habit as part of your home-owning responsibilities will ensure that you have a clean, safe chimney all year long!

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