Your chimney is an important part of your home, which means it should be treated as such. Regular maintenance and care is imperative to ensure that your chimney is in safe and good working order every time you need it.

Before we get into who you should hire to clean your chimney, let’s first take a look at why you should hire one in the first place.

Why should I hire a chimney sweep?

When you hire a chimney sweep, they do much more than just clean the flue. They are addressing issues that could save your home from potential disaster. Here are a few concerns chimney sweeps will address:

  • Is your chimney vulnerable to chimney fires because of creosote buildup?
  • Does your home have the best possible heating and cooling efficiency?
  • Could your family be exposed to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning?
  • Does your firebox need to be replaced?
  • Are you contributing to the pollution problem when using your fireplace?

Why you should hire a certified chimney sweep

By not hiring a chimney sweep—or hiring one who’s not certified—you could be putting your family and your home at risk.

To be part of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), chimney sweeps go through rigorous training. These certified chimney sweeps are continually sharpening their skills and learning about following chimney safety techniques practiced by the CSIA.

One of the benefits of hiring a chimney sweep who is certified is that you can have full confidence in the person you’re bringing into your home. With a CSIA certified company, you are guaranteed to receive the most current and qualified chimney care.

Working with a certified chimney sweep company annually ensures that you are keeping your family and home as safe as possible. Ready to hire a CSIA chimney sweep? Give B+E a call. All of our chimney sweeps have received their certifications and are guaranteed to take good care of your chimney.