As buyers and sellers prepare for the holidays, residential real estate action typically dwindles. However, now is not the time to slow down with the season. Putting your efforts toward marketing can prepare you for the coming spring. The following are some winter marketing tips to help you generate new leads for the new year.

Send Goodwill to Your Clients

Your happy clients can help you generate new leads. As they gather with friends and family, they could be spreading the news about their wonderful real estate agent. Send them a little reminder of the service you provided. A handwritten note, a poinsettia plant or even a bottle of wine could be just the right touch to put them in a promotional mood.

Check In With Existing Leads

Don’t lose contact with existing leads just because of the holidays. While everyone tends to be busy this time of year, you can still touch base in a personal way. Connect with your leads while putting a holiday spin on things. Send out newsletters with some relevant content:

  • End-of-the-year market reports (include a “Just Sold” section)
  • Market prospects for the new year
  • Open house announcements
  • Local holiday events
  • Tips for spring sale season

Reaching out to your contacts this time of year will keep you in their thoughts when the spring season approaches.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit

It’s the perfect time of year to really become an active part of your community. Spread the holiday cheer by sponsoring a charity or promoting a food, clothing or gift drive. You could even host the drive at a holiday-themed open house, and encourage the neighborhood to contribute. Participating in community events is crucial for networking and building relationships.

Don’t let the holiday slump get you down. By stepping up your marketing efforts in December, you could be reaping the rewards in January!