According to the National Fire Protection Association, chimney cleaning or inspections should take place annually. Preferably by a professional chimney service company certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. The fireplace chimney and furnace system is quite complicated and an inspection can alert you to a potential problem before it becomes a costly repair or a safety issue. The process in which a chimney sweep performs a job involves several elements that we will touch on, and if you’re wondering if it’s a messy job — yes it is. However, when hiring a team of certified professionals, you are in better hands to receive a thorough job performed in a clean way.

Why is scheduling a chimney sweep so important?

The most important reason why you need to have an annual chimney cleaning is to confirm that you are burning in the correct way as to not put your home at risk of a fire. The more soot you find in the fireplace, the more gases are released and the less environmentally conscious the burning is.

How does a chimney sweep clean a chimney?

The role of a chimney sweep is to clean chimneys, smoke ducts, fireplaces and flue pipes in order to prevent gas emissions and soot fires. Additionally, a chimney sweep has knowledge and skills regarding fire prevention work and follows specific guidelines and procedures that guarantee a thorough and professional job. They inform homeowners about correct burning techniques so they are not at risk of a fire, and clean from the bottom reaching the firebox, smoke chamber damper, smoke shelf, and flue liner.

The whole chimney service process can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on whether the homeowner has prepared the area before arrival and whether questions arise regarding fire safety in their home. Overall, a typical chimney cleaning should be able to be finished in an hour.

How to prepare for a chimney sweep.

It’s always helpful if the homeowner makes sure that the fireplace is easily accessible. Move any furniture and decor out of the way, and cover it just in case. Be sure that access to the fireplace and chimney is clear so that the chimney sweep can do their job. Chimney sweeps are invested in your personal safety within your home. If you have any questions about your fireplace, fireplace safety, masonry, or the overall chimney service, this will be the time to ask. The quality of their customer service at this visit should leave you feeling satisfied with the job and safe to burn a fire.

Will a chimney cleaning make a mess?

When dealing with ashes, soot, burned logs, and potentially old pieces — yes it can create a mess. However, a good chimney sweep should carefully set up a drop cloth or plastic to protect your home, as well as a dual HEPA filter vacuum to keep dust levels down. They will either start from the flue and work their way up the chimney, or start on the roof and work their way down; or sometimes even both. Regardless, the vacuum should be running the entire time to ensure that the air and the floor of your home remain clean during the entire process. The goal is to scrape all the coating that has built up from fires off of the chimney lining so that it falls down the chimney to be carefully vacuumed and swept away before departing.

Here at Brick + Ember Outfitters, if we see something that is not right, we will notify you and perform a more detailed inspection. We never do any repairs or work without the customer’s permission, but it is our duty to report on any deficiencies in the system. To help your chimney service run smoothly, be aware of things to consider when hiring a chimney sweep.

A chimney free of debris lets you enjoy your fireplace without worry, and that’s the ultimate goal, right? Let our team of professional put you out of risk of a fire and come perform a thorough chimney sweep with camera inspection for just $89! Call today: 317-500-1250.

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