As a realtor, you probably know that a professional home inspection can both reveal issues and save your clients time and money in the end.

If the houses you’re buying and putting on the market are like most, there are a few issues that show up more than the rest. According to a survey done by the American Society of Home Inspectors, here are some of the most common problems uncovered when doing inspections.

Improper surface grading and drainage

This was the most common issue discovered, according to 36% of inspectors. Improper surface grading and damage can cause slabs to crack. Water can easily penetrate the footings, crawlspace, or basement. Freezing and thawing of that water has the potential to cause further, more expensive damage.

How to fix it: Have any cracks (in the foundation or otherwise) fixed. Re-grade around the house. Arrange for drainage to flow away from the foundation by fixing or installing a gutter/downspout system.

Old, damaged roofs

Inspectors cited that older and damaged roofs are a common home inspection problem. Shingle roofs have a shelf life of 15-20 years. Damaged shingles can cause roof leaking, as can improper flashing.

How to fix it: Repair damaged tiles and shingles. Re-caulk roof penetrations. Fix improper flashing.

Deficient heating systems

These issues can include everything from blocked chimneys, broken controls, unsafe exhaust flues, and cracked heat exchangers. These conditions can cause major health issues and put families at risk.

How to fix it: Annually service your heating systems, including hiring a chimney sweep*. If a new heating system is recommended, the investment could reduce your heating and cooling bills enough to offset the cost.

Poor maintenance

Inspectors agree that homeowners do not take good care of their homes, which results in crumbling and cracked masonry, broken fixtures, inadequate do-it-yourself wiring or plumbing.

How to fix it: Increased level of care can prevent these issues. Hiring professionals—including masons—for your maintenance can go a long way in maintaining your home.

We recommend tending to these repairs ASAP. If not, they can cause further damage, which can prove to more expensive in the end.

If your home inspection uncovers these issues, Brick + Ember Outfitters is here to help. We repair chimney flashing, perform chimney sweeps*, fix cracked foundations, and are known for the miracles we work with restoring masonry. Give us a call today for your free quote.  

*We highly recommend hiring certified chimney sweeps. All of our Outfitters are fully licensed and capable of caring for all of your chimney needs.