Last month, we wrote a blog post on 5 Up-and-Coming Urban Neighborhoods in Indy. The post examined — in light of Indianapolis’ recent housing market boom — some of the burgeoning neighborhoods near the city center. In this month’s post, we move out to the burbs for those looking to enjoy the advantages of Indianapolis from a slightly removed locale. For buyers in search of the perfect family home, or just a personal suburban oasis, the following are some promising neighborhoods to explore.


Located due north of the city, Carmel is Indianapolis’s largest and perhaps best-known suburb. Admittedly, Carmel is not exactly “up-and-coming” as its low crime rates and high median income have always been compelling for homebuyers. However, more recently, Carmel has made itself attractive to younger millennials and professionals in addition to more established families. The suburb is not just a sleepy little town. Carmel has recently undertaken public projects like the Art and Design District and the Monon Community Center. Located near the city center, the district offers countless events: gallery walks, performances and more. The community center expands fitness opportunities along the Monon Trail for residents. With these and other projects, Carmel offers peaceful suburban living with some of the excitement of downtown.


Another northern suburb, Fishers has experienced significant growth in the past decade and now rivals Carmel as one of the most desirable places to live. The suburb features top-notch schools and hospitals, as well as an incredibly low crime rate. In addition, Fishers offers several cultural attractions. The nearby Klipsch Music Center, a large open-air venue, draws major concert acts from all popular music strands. The Conner Prairie Interactive History Park is an impressive living history museum that recreates 19th century daily living in Indiana. Geist Reservoir provides opportunities for fishing and water sports, while Hamilton Town Center offers great shopping. All-in-all, Fishers is an attractive and vibrant hub of suburban living.


Located near the northwest corner of Indianapolis, Zionsville is perhaps the perfect destination for homebuyers in search of historic, small-town charm. Downtown Zionsville is known for its brick streets, period architecture and excellent shopping and dining. The abundant farmers market in the village is a Saturday event. In addition, Zionsville boasts a low crime rate, a high median income and truly stellar schools. Unsurprisingly, this quaint, family-friendly suburb attracts many homebuyers with children.


On the northwest border of Indianapolis, Brownsburg has seen a recent influx of industry and is poised for continued growth; residents have benefited from a very low unemployment rate. The suburb is home to a warm, close-knit community of people that many homebuyers seek to join. Brownsburg also offers several recreational opportunities, including parks, golf courses and the B&O walking trail. The suburb borders Eagle Creek Park, a wonderful place for fishing, sailing, hiking, bird watching and zip lining. Brownsburg offers homebuyers the promise of modernization with small-town charm — the best of both worlds.


To the north of Carmel and Fishers, Westfield has been aggressively growing and is now home to more than 37,000 residents. The suburb features shopping, parks, gardens, golf courses and even a children’s museum. In addition, Westfield recently built Grand Park, a massive multi-sport facility. The sports campus is still growing and plans to incorporate dining, retail and entertainment venues as well. This attraction is projected bring in millions of visitors and many more homebuyers in search of a suburban haven near Indy.